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Gain views thanks to your YouTube thumbnails

Gain views thanks to your YouTube thumbnails

YouTube thumbnails are a professional tool that the platform offer to use when you have reached 1000 subscribers.  So you should get the most out of it because it will allow to multiply the number of views of your channel.

The importance of this YouTube thumbnails has grown over the years to the point that nowadays the thumbnails are more important that the content of the video itself speaking about visits in your channel. Thumbnails will be what makes a user be interested in your video (and click on it) or not. Basically, they are the main element that can differentiate your video from others with similar captions and descriptions. When a viewer is searching for some content concrete,  your video may not be the first option, however, it will be chosen by the user if the thumbnail is eye-catching enough. In this world, the first impression is what counts.

Something as elementary as edit a simple photo in the correct way can bring us many joys for your channel. Doing it is very easy, just go into EDIT, an online editor and start creating a design in a fast  and simple way thanks to the amount of templates and options that we propose you in the editor. In this case, the practice is much simpler than the theory. We wanted to make it like this for you, to save time!

That's why we would like to give you a series of tips that will help you build your YouTube profile as a real professional.


TIPS for your thumbnails

1.Create your own brand image

You must create a common pattern that allows any video of the channel to be easily recognizable by just watching the thumbnail of any of them. It is called branding and it will help you to create your own personal brand.

EDIT allows you to save up to untill 10 designs for free and unlimited designs in its premium version. So it will be super easy to keep the same line in all designs.

2. Colors

Another point to take into account is the use of the colors. The line of colors you choose must always be the same to maintain that personal image that we have talked about right know. You should also choose bright colors but... be careful! The trick is to use few colors but well combined. We recommend that not to use more than 5 colors in total (counting background and letters). Moreover, the biggest contrast should be between the background and the title.

Like all the actions you do to improve your channel, you have to keep in mind who is the target that is, the audience to whom the videos are directed. If you check out some of our templates you will see how, in general, the pattern for the gaming or vlogs thumbnails has some striking letters with bright colors. But watch out! always according to the corporate image you want to give.

3. Text

Is really important because you have to be able to concentrate in one or very few words what identifies the video. The typography is decisive. The ideal is to use the same in case you put any kind of typograpy during the video. All these aspects help to reinforce your personal image. The message must be short and very clear, remember that we seek to attract attention. You will have to use a large size. The position will depend on the image you have created for the background but not be afraid to place it in an inclined way or some crazy manner , it helps to attract attention. The proposed designs from EDIT will give you some ideas on how to place the text.

4. Background

Another key element of the thumbs. Depends on the target audience because if the channel is dedicated to video games, the background will not be the same as if you are a vlogger. Try always to create own images and specially not use Google images because you will find many thumbnails with similar background like yours. If you are going to use a photo, you should know that forefronts photos work better. In case you are a gamer, the background should include something related with action like fire or explosions.

Oh! And don't forget, if you have a logo you can (and  you should) always include it as a watermark in the thumbnails.

5. Emojis and emoticons

You can use different emojis and emoticons to make the design of thumbnails more attractive, but be careful not to overload the image. Because, as it name says, it is a miniature and it will come out in a very small size.

Inserting the emojis will not be a problem if you edit it through EDIT because it has a huge amount of options in just a click so you can easily add them.

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