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Trends in digital marketing 2018

Trends in digital marketing 2018

Now that we have passed the Ecuador of the year, we would like to share with you some of the digital marketing trends that are most successful in this year.

In a world in which advertising stimuli are constant, sellers have opted for a less intrusive advertising and provide more value to the user, since traditional forms of advertising such as ads and banners that appeared on the screen have been rejected by users through the installation of AdBlockers that avoid the visualization of them.

Some of this strategies you will already know but others are really recent. Four trends are standing out above the rest:

1. Visual content
Smartphones have become, by far, the preferred device for everyone to access the Internet. There are sources that indicate that on average we look at the phone about 80 times a day. Our information consumption is directly given by the phone's screen.
Therefore, it is important to create content and experiences that are completely visual. Videos, 360º photos, modular designs (Pinterest and Instagram)... make the user interested in the information you offer.
In addition, illustrative images, tutorial videos, infographics ... are very attractive because they save time of comprehension and interpretation to the spectator and they are also remembered more easily.

2. Storytelling

"The art of telling a story" This recent concept has become a key element for the triumph of advertising campaigns in the digital era of the Internet.
It consists of connecting with your users through a story. The story has to be told in such a way that you connect emotionally with the public. The key is to know your audience perfectly. Making them feel in a certain way will make them not forget the message you have transmitted.

Through the stories, we can humanize the brand, showing a natural and close company to our followers. Customers will not buy your product or service for what it is, but for the feelings you make them feel.
It is important to know how to make good storytelling because it has to adapt perfectly to different media. You can also get audience traffic from one page to another by continuing your story on different platforms.

3. Personal attention
Personalized attention is the key to customer loyalty, as you will make them feel special and cared for. Generating an engagement that will allow them to fully trust your brand and the new products or services that you offer.
Gone are the days when the newsletters addressed the user like "Dear customer ...". Today, all communications should be directed in a personalized way, directly to the client's name. In addition, through studies based on their interests, you can present personalized offers, to your clients, so that the investment will be very effective.
In addition to the world mailing more and more brands have in their pages have incorporated a chatbot. A tool that allows immediate customer service to all users.

4. Growth Hacking
Is a different point of view of how get grows a company that goes beyond traditional marketing. It is a set of techniques and tools that seek to achieve an exponential growth of users, impacts or income with the minimum expenditure and possible effort.

Growth Hacking has become such an effective tool that the person in charge of carrying it out, the Growth Hacker has become one of the most demanded professions.


As you can see, marketing has evolved leaving behind the intentions of traditional advertising to sell the product, generating more interest on what would bring that product or service, values.

If you have doubts about which content to publish or need ideas, we recommend you visit this article with 20 ideas to create content.

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