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Create the best banners online with no effort. Use EDIT to design the perfect banner for free by your own, it's online and free.

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Design professional banners online

Nowadays we live in a world where people are always in a hurry and don’t waste time with small details so, if you want to catch their attention you have to be creative! Banner advertisement is a form of online advertisement that consists of small eye-catching ads showed on a webpage with the main function to generate traffic to your website by linking on it. Display advertising is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools so what are you waiting for to start creating yours?

EDIT is the exact platform you are looking for to create competent ads! Why? Imagine, you need to get more installations for your new app or you would like to sell more suits in your shop or want to get more fans on your Facebook page. What is better than a great banner? The combination of photos and text with a unique style attracts the attention of clients. Through banners, you can visually inform customers about your product without having to waste much time. 

Don’t worry, the best part is that you don’t need to know anything about graphic design or have to hire a professional to do it. With EDIT you'll be able to choose between more than 100 custom banners templates our team has designed specifically to help you. You can select different styles such as modern or classical, or choose from online or from print. You can always create your own design from scratch as well.

EDIT Can Help Sell More With Display Advertising

Victor is a small business owner of a suit company in Barcelona. He usually sticks to advertising his store via the local radio. One day, his nephew Gerard proposed that Victor should become more active on social media to help him gain consumers. Unfortunately, he wasn't gaining as many customers as he hoped because he wasn't sure how to advertise online. Gerard suggested EDIT to him so he could make banners and maintain his online presence. Although Victor didn't have any previous graphic design experience, with EDIT he was able to create social media ads that stand out. He just found a template that he liked, customized the template with his company's information, then he saved and downloaded the template so he could upload it to his social media platforms! He was able to do this all for free and without wasting time.

In a few months, his suit company's Instagram page grew by 1,000 new followers! Today, most of his sales are made online through his webpage.

Here are a few reasons for why it is so important for businesses to use display advertisements:

  1. Brand awareness: through banners, you can make your brand known to the public, as these ads reinforce the company name each time they are seen. The more people see your name, the more they'll be able to recall your business. 
  2. Increase Customer Traffic: each person that clicks on the ad will be immediately linked to the website. It is also a great way to build a customer base because you can get more users to sign up and you can stay in contact with them in order to maintain loyal customers. 
  3. Measure the effectiveness: you can measure the success of these types of advertisements by looking at the Click-Through Rate (CTR), which determines how many times users have clicked on your ad's link. 

EDIT my banners online
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