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The alternative to Canva and Photoshop

The alternative to Canva and Photoshop
The alternative to Canva and Photoshop

The alternative to Canva and Photoshop

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Canva, Photoshop or EDIT? Yes, they are very useful design programs for your graphic communication needs. But which one is the best? Which one should I use for my business?
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Photoshop is a design dinosaur, a tool for editing or creating an image from scratch, well known, but expensive and complex, aimed at design experts. It is very likely that you know it and even that you have tried it, but surely you have been frustrated when trying to do something very simple like a poster or a poster to promote an event or launch a product.
Canva is one of the best known cloud design tools (online), and the truth is that it is very good, since it includes thousands of design templates along with millions of images for you to choose from. It seems fantastic, right? Yes, it is fantastic because with it you can do everything and you have immensity of content, although that sounds familiar to me ... Photoshop and Canva are very extensive tools that allow you to do infinity of things and therefore, provoke the well-known Netflix effect. What do we mean? Surely you have found yourself wanting to see a series or movie and you have spent half an hour looking for what to see, right? That's the same effect that can happen to you in Photoshop or other generic design tools. Canva is useful for everything, but since it is not specialized, you need to invest too much time in it, since it offers too many things that are interesting to very diverse types of people.
What is the third option?
EDIT.org is the alternative to Canva specialized in business. If you need to create the design of a poster, a banner, a promotion of a service or product of your business, in EDIT you will find it easily ordered by categories. Find the category of your business (restaurants, sports clubs, shops, education, beauty centers, gyms, real estate ...) and select the type of design you need. A menu for your restaurant, the announcement of your online yoga classes, an offer for Black Friday? Unlike other online design editors, at EDIT we have thought of you first and then your needs, so that you first find your type of business, and there everything you need for it. You can also change the format in one click, selecting the social network where you want to publish it (facebook post, instagram square post, youtube thumbnail ...).
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What do Canva and EDIT have in common?
That if we obviously have a lot in common with Canva. In EDIT you can also find thousands of templates, photos, images, icons and resources, both in the free and Premium versions, but you won't have to search as much, as it is specialized business content.
What are the differences between EDIT and Canva? What is the difference between them?
- Business specialization. EDIT is a companion for the communication of your business, not only with content but with ideas specific to each moment, whether for the launch of your products, the opening of your business, the communication of an event, as own content for festivities of the calendar like Christmas, Black Friday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Halloween, etc.
- Packs. In EDIT you can find hundreds of collections of templates with the same graphic style. In other words, you can find all the templates necessary for your business, with the same corporate style. You will only have to choose once the style that best suits your brand, and you will have everything. For example, if you have a restaurant, in a collection there are between 20 and 30 templates for the menu, the weekend menu, the dish of the day, menus for couples, a food raffle, a new promotion, the schedules, the menu of the day, the Christmas menu, the loyalty card, the opening communication of your premises, the contact for reservations, a job offer, inspirational quotes, etc.
- Means. In EDIT there are only copyright-free resources, so you will never find surprises of unexpected payments.
- Price. EDIT has a very complete free version, and the EDIT Premium payment proposal is more affordable than most competitors. In the EDIT Premium version it is all included and is more affordable than most competitors. That is, in EDIT Premium you can select templates, photos, icons and any resource in a fluid way and with total peace of mind, because everything is not included in the fee, without surprises (in Canva you can spend 10 minutes looking for the ideal photo for your design and when finding it, it turns out to be paid!).
What do Photoshop and EDIT have in common? What are the advantages of EDIT over Photoshop?
EDIT covers most of the communicative design needs of the majority of the world's businesses, making EDIT the easy alternative to Photoshop. It is much easier to use, but it also has thousands of predesigned templates, so you won't have to design but simply edit, just like a word. By clicking on a text, a shape, a color, a photograph or an icon, you can modify it to adapt it and personalize it.
What is EDIT and what is it for?
To solve your visual communication choosing predesigned templates that meet your needs. If you need to communicate the launches or promotions of your products and services on a recurring basis with your clients, attracting and converting more potential clients, EDIT can be very useful. In addition, in just one click you can change the size of the templates and adapt it to the social network you need. It is an online graphic editor, and therefore you can use it without downloading any software, from any device and anywhere. You can be editing a template from work and follow from home without having to send any files, as it is a design editor in the cloud.
What are the best graphic design tools for my business? Where can I find a graphic designer?
We encourage you to try EDIT for your banners, offers, posters ... You will not have to spend even 10 seconds learning how to use it since the learning curve is very low or null. Just click on the category of your business, click on a template that you like, click on a text and modify it, click on save and you already have it. You are already a graphic designer! ;)
We have developed EDIT to help your business communicate with its customers in the best possible way, with a good design, easily, quickly and affordably. Try EDIT now totally free ;)

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