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Free Do Not Sit sign templates to print

Create No Sitting signs for your business with EDIT.org's free customizable templates, ready to print in minutes.

Edit a Do Not Sit sign

Customize free No Sitting signs with EDIT.org's online editable templates.

Free editable signage do not sit here


Create a Do Not Sit Here sign for your business

It's normal to find No Sitting signs in areas where you can't stand in the way (such as on stairs), or certain construction sites, with the danger of landslides or newly painted places. However, as a result of the importance that social distancing has gained during these last years, we have also started to see this type of sign in many businesses, entities, and organizations.

Whatever your reason, create at EDIT.org custom "Please do not sit down" sign designs online and in a few minutes. On the editor, you will also find all kinds of signage signs ready for easy editing and printing, such as no touching signs, out of service signs, entrance & exit signs, or do not smoking signs, among many others.

Do not sit sign social distancing


Edit your Do Not Sit sign to print at EDIT.org

  1. Click on a sign in this article or go to the editor
  2. Select the design you like best for editing
  3. Add other elements and make changes as needed
  4. Save the layout
  5. Download the final result to print

Please do not sit here sign social distancing


Editable Please Do Not Sit Here sign templates

Once you finish customizing your design, save it in your user profile to continue editing it later or create copies. They will allow you to make different signs from the same template. In the end, download the template in JPG, PNG, or PDF and with high quality to print.

Start now by editing a Please Don't Sit Down sign at EDIT.org.

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Edit a Do Not Sit sign