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Dogs Welcome printable templates and signs (customizable)

Create an informative Welcome Dogs poster for your pet friendly hotel or accommodation with the templates with drawings and photos of pets from the EDIT.org editor.

Edit a pet friendly sign

If you accept dogs and pets in your space, create posters to inform that Pets are Allowed with the editable design templates from EDIT.org

Create a Dogs Welcome sign

Do you accept pets in your hotel? Do you have a pet friendly business? If so, take advantage of your sympathy with animals to your advantage. There are many places where they are more selective or even do not allow pets, so many people with pets in their care cannot go.

Informing that pets are welcome at your premises is a first step. Plus, you can use it as a value proposition to appeal to animal lovers who want to travel with their dogs, cats, or exotic animals.

Did you know that it is a very positive claim to attract new customers? For example, pet lovers are looking nowadays for hotels that are pet friendly and allow dogs so they can go on vacations with them. We encourage you to communicate it at the entrance of the building, but also on social networks.

Do you want to create your own custom posters? Keep reading, we'll tell you in a minute;)

Pet friendly banner to edit online for free

How to design Welcome Dog signs with the online editor EDIT.org

Design without designing? This is possible using the pre-designed templates of our online graphic editor. 

You will find simple designs or fun ones with the quote "Dogs welcome people tolerated" (or a "Dogs welcome humans tolerated" poster), welcome signs with paw print, and many other cool templates.

Follow these steps to edit a pet friendly design:

  1. Click any image in this item
  2. Select the pet friendly template you want
  3. Customize your poster with your logo, corporate colors, typography ...
  4. Save changes online
  5. Download your Pets Allowed sign in JPG, PNG or PDF for free

Pets Welcome editable sign for free

Use the Pets Friendly signs to print or post online

In addition to being very easy to use, our graphic editor allows you to modify the proportion of the design in a single click. Without having to modify the design? Without doing anything else! With the "Change size" button you can select the new size you want and the composition automatically adapts to the new proportions. You will see, it is quite impressive :)

In this way you can use the same design to send it to print and hang in the entrance of your hotel or restaurant, create a promotional flyer to leave it next to reception, or publish it on your corporate social networks to attract customers with pets.


Don't wait any longer and promote your business by announcing that you are pet friendly! Enter the editor and create your pet welcome posters.

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Edit a pet friendly sign