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How to create the perfect banner without having any design idea

How to create the perfect banner without having any design idea

These days, it is rare to enter in a website without banners jumping trying to catch our attention. The problem? We are subject to a constant bombardment of display advertisment that we usually pass by and quickly seek where to close the advertising. Therefore is important to take care about designing banners that really generate a visual impact on users and get traffic to your page.

However, data indicates, that banners continue being one of the most recurrent and effective tools within the communication and marketing strategy of a business. Advertising on the Internet has increased exponentially to the number of users. Through social media we can reach our target audience massively with a simple ad.

Here we show you the most common errors when creating a banner:

  1. Lost message: in this case, less is more. If you abuse the text inside the ad and with bad typography, you will get people to pass by when they see your banner. Long texts and the supersaturation of elements make the message (even if it is true) go unnoticed by the user.
  2. False promises: If you use an attractive but false text, the only thing you will get is traffic to your website but not potential customers.
  3. Typography too strong. You should not abuse of too strong typography because it can be too violent for the audience. The ideal is to find a balance between the call to action and the rest of the text in your banner, in this way, it draws attention but is not too aggressive.
  4. Bright colors. Maybe you think that the use of striking colors like neon or garish will attract more attention from users but the truth is that they can be very burdensome and generate disinterest.

As you can see, some of these errors turn out to be very common practices among all when are designing. If you continue reading, we will show you the tips that can help create this kind of ads that are really effective:

  1. Good use of space. You should not be afraid of empty spaces. A banner is much more attractive when the information is correctly hierarchized and structured than one that is full of gifs, icons ... that will only cloud the user's eyes.
  2. Striking images. Choose images or photos that match the line of your brand. An image by itself is more attractive than text so it is not necessary to use images that might be too shocking because they can scare the user.
  3. Creative message. Once you have catch the attention of the user you have to get a message creative enough to get the receiver invest their time in reading it and decide to access the website.
  4. Call to action. It is the most important elemen. Invite the user to click on it and access the link.
  5. Strong text. Use a strong and very simple typography. Keep in mind that this kind of ads sometimes have a very small size and it is important that the text should be read.
  6. Include the brand. It is very important that the banner can be identified to whom it belongs with just a glance. Do not forget to include your brand logo.
  7. Sense of humor. This technique, in addition to being attractive is much easier to remember. But be careful, the use of humor in your banners is not always appropriate and it is not good to abuse it.
  8. Highlight the product. If your product is striking on its own it will be better to use a flat background to make it stand out without saturating the viewer.
  9. Correct size There are different types of banners and therefore different formats. You have to be very aware of where it will appear to create it from the beginning based on the pre-established measures.

how to create a good banner

As you can see, creating the perfect display ad is not difficult but it might be an expensive process if you do not have the right tools or lack of design notions.
In EDIT you will find a selection with more than 200 fully editable templates that will help you create the perfect banner in just a few minutes. Too easy!. You will only have to choose the banner format you want to edit and the template that you like the most. You can do it from anywhere, even from your mobile phone and totally  for FREE.

You dare? Try it and tell us how it was!

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