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How to create the perfect banner without design experience

Discover the best tips to make the perfect banner for your business along with free customizable templates to do so in just one click.

Edit a banner online

Create at EDIT.org the perfect banner for your business with our customizable templates, no need to know about design. Learn also the best tips and ideas to get a professional result.

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Create an advertising banner for your business

Nowadays, it's rare to enter any website without being hit by banners trying to catch our attention. The problem? We are subjected to a constant bombardment of advertising that we ignore. Therefore, it is vital to design ads that generate a visual impact on users and get traffic to your website.

Data shows that the banner is still one of the most recurrent and effective tools within the communication and marketing strategy of a business. Internet advertising has increased exponentially, and through social networks, we can reach our target audience massively with a simple ad.

Discover the best banner designs at EDIT.org to communicate your products and services online. Also, check this article with thousands of banner templates that can be very useful for you.

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Edit an online banner template at EDIT.org

  1. Click on a banner in this post or go to the editor
  2. Select the design you want to edit
  3. Customize it according to your business needs
  4. Save the layout
  5. Download the banner and share it easily online
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Tips for making custom banners online

Here are the most common mistakes when creating a banner:

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 Some of these mistakes turn out to be popular practices when designing. So, what should I do to make this format effective?

  1. Good use of space. You shouldn't be afraid of empty spaces. A banner in which the information is correctly hierarchized and structured is more attractive than one full of gifs or icons clouding the user's eyes.
  2. Eye-catching images. Choose images or photographs that go in line with the line of your brand. Remember that one image alone is more persuasive than text. Do not use shocking photos either, as they may disorient the user.
  3. Creative message. Once you have got the user's attention, you have to make your message creative enough for him to invest time in reading it and decide to access your website.
  4. Call to action. It is the most crucial element of the banner. It invites the user to click on it and access the link.
  5. Text size and style. Use basic typographies. Keep in mind this type of advertising sometimes has a small size, so it is fundamental to read the text properly.
  6. Include the brand. It is crucial the banner can be related to who it belongs to with just a glance. Don't forget to include your company logo.
  7. Sense of humor. Making use of this technique will make it not only attractive but also much easier to remember. But be careful! You must take into account the context since the use of humor is not always appropriate.
  8. Highlight the product. If your product is eye-catching on its own, it will be better to use a flat background to make it stand out without saturating the viewer.
  9. Correct size. There are different types of banners with various formats. You should keep in mind where you want to place it to create it from the beginning based on the pre-established measures.
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Remember that at EDIT.org, you will find the best selection of editable templates that will help you create the ideal banner in just a few clicks. Are you up for it? Try it now!

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