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Labor Day promotion templates

Find at EDIT.org lots of free templates related to Labor Day, ready to customize with your logo in just one click.

Edit a Labor Day template

During these last years, Labor Day in the USA has become one of the most vital sales days of the year, right after the well-known Black Friday. That's why this is a great opportunity to promote your business' products and services. On EDIT.org, find templates to promote this day, ready to customize and print.

Labor day weekend template for sales


Why is this event so important?

This widely known federal holiday, celebrated in the United States and in Canada on the first Monday of September, is a public holiday day in which the social and economic achievements of all American workers are widely commemorated, as well as their contribution to the welfare of the country. Despite its inception in 1882 (officially in 1894) in New York City as a day to show the strength, power and spirit of labor and trade organizations through a range of events such as street parades and speeches, it rapidly became a celebration for the amusement of all workers and their respective families.


Awesome... but the important thing, which events can I take part in?

There exist an endless number of events programmed throughout the state not only on this particular day, but also during the whole previous weekend, so it does not matter which sort of person you are since you will surely find the most suitable activity for you. Some examples here:

Labor day template with the American flag


Why is design crucial when helping my business on Labor Day?

Being in charge of organizing one of the mentioned activities is not a straightforward business. Due to the high amount of small shops, firms, entities, non-profit organizations or even independent individuals holding an event, it is quite difficult to stand out and make people engage with your idea. Then, coming up with a good advertisement is crucial when it comes to attracting citizens with an effective communication.

A good leaflet or placard should contain in the first place the American flag and its corresponding colors. Otherwise, individuals would not properly identify the related event announced. Secondly, the main event or the most important feature of the event should be highlighted as it must be the first thing people should see. For instance, the Happy Hour time, the possible discounts on sales or the name of the person giving a conference. 

Finally, if you post it online, we recommend to use hashtags to reinforce the message.


Okay but.. What has EDIT.org got to do with Labor Day?

Including all the commented elements in an advert design with the proper size, colors and distribution might be challenging. What we really want, as our users already know, is to make it simple, unique and of course, offer templates that stick to the theme.

Here are some of the templates you will find on EDIT.org:

You will also find other templates for USA festivities, such as 4th of July designs, templates for Veterans Day or Presidents' Day designs.

Labor Day editable template for discounts and sales

On this day, it would be also interesting to express the values that make sense to the celebration such as power, resilience or union by using symbols such as fists or elements from different jobs. On EDIT.org you have thousands of resources for your templates, all of them are free of copyright, like icons, clip art (flags, maps, stars..), pictures, photos and anything you need to communicate your deals by creating great graphics and the best signs.

We invite you to create the design you have in mind for such an enjoyable day in some minutes by choosing a template from the graphic editor EDIT.org. They are ready to print or to be shared online on any social medial platform. Impressing your co-workers, customer community, citizens or your neighbors has never been so easy!

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Edit a Labor Day template