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Psychology of using colors and marketing

Colors influence the decision-making process, so their correct use is crucial. Discover here the psychology of using colors in a marketing campaign.

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What influence does color have on a brand logo? At EDIT.org, we explain it to you and provide you with customizable templates so you can apply this knowledge to your designs.

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Importance of color psychology on marketing

Behind each color, there is an entire language created through our eyes that causes a series of emotions and sensations, such as pleasure, well-being, and security.

The logo of a company must represent an entire corporate identity, that is, a company's philosophy, values, and personality. Therefore, use a color consistent with the values you want to communicate to your audience. These messages will be subconsciously associated in the mind of the consumer when seeing your brand’s logo or listening to the brand's name.

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Each color is unique and goes far beyond an optical effect. There's a meaning behind it that will generate an impact on consumers' brains in an unconscious way. That is why it's fundamental to conduct a preliminary study to help create the visual image of your brand. Knowing how individuals react to different colors can increase your sales exponentially.

For instance, it would not be a great idea to advertise perishable food products with a brown color since consumers could associate it with rotting, which would generate a negative impact.

However, don't forget that even though the color is one of the most basic elements in generating an impact on consumers, it's not the only one. Experiment with other elements and be sure that what you want to convey is coherent as a whole unit. It would be useless, for example, to apply a pink color to a funeral company, no matter how serious the name, slogan, or typography are.

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Color meanings and psychology of color in advertising










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We invite you to analyze your business values and identity and to choose the colors that best suit them. Create a whole collection of designs for your communication campaign with the same color range with EDIT.org's editor. Start now editing your business designs!

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