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Edit a design for your student council

Create a free Student Council poster

Use EDIT.org's free templates to create online posters for your school's student council elections . Promote the best campaign slogan with these easy-to-edit templates.

Edit a design for your student council

Customize posters for student council events with EDIT.org's customizable templates.

Good student council posters for debates and events


Create student council campaign posters

You're the leader your university needs. You know it, do they know it, promote yourself!

If you're thinking about campaigning and running for election to lead your peers or you only want to advertise some of the events your council organizes, you've come to the perfect page to make:

To get your message and proposals across, you need to create a compelling campaign. Let your fellow students know you are the person they need to support them in their present university life, perhaps the most defining moment of their lives.

Editable templates for student election banners


Edit your student council flyer template at EDIT.org

See how easy it is to customize a poster with us:

  1. Click on an image in this article or choose another design on the editor.
  2. Customize the template with your candidate photo, logos, campaign colors, event details, etc.
  3. Save your design if you want to modify it or use it later. This way, you won't start from scratch.
  4. Download the final result in JPG, PNG, or PDF to print or share with perfect visual quality.


Student body campaign posters


Creative student council posters for assemblies and events

Creating posters to print and hang on the walls of your student center is essential for the success of any sort of university convocation. For example, convening a student council debate can be advantageous if the attendance is successful and discussion issues have been effectively communicated.

Use the editable templates from EDIT.org. They are super easy to customize. You only need to change the texts to your own and modify them as you wish. They cover many needs:

Sample campaign posters for student council


Print your student council representative posters

Don't just design a poster. Bring your campaign to life and use your social media to reach out to all your contacts and have them reach out to the rest of the students: you can create banners, Facebook covers, or specific posts for Instagram or their viral Stories or reels.

You won't need any previous knowledge of graphic design. Our editor is designed to help those who want to achieve an expert advertising result without any design insights: we've already covered that part - now we need you to make our efforts useful by winning the election!

The process is 100% intuitive: when you enter our editor, you won't have any trouble figuring out what to do. You won't need to open Photoshop or download any application. The process is entirely online and... fun!

You can add as many photos as you need. And if a template doesn't give you all the space and subdivisions you need, don't worry. You can modify them, add new text boxes, change font sizes and even upload your fonts... or start a new one from scratch quickly but with a professional visual result to make you succeed.

Here there are no limits to your creativity. On the contrary, we help you to fly!

Start now to create your first poster for the student council and... Make a difference!

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Edit a design for your student council