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Edit a Blood Drive design

Poster templates for Blood Donation campaigns

Create banners, flyers and posts to increase blood donors with free online editable templates from the graphic editor EDIT.org.

Edit a Blood Drive design

Use the pre-designed Blood Donation design templates from the online graphic editor EDIT.org, and increase the number of donors.

Template design to announce a Blood Drive campaign, editable online


How to Increase Blood Donations with Editable Poster Designs

Blood cannot be manufactured so blood donors are essential to obtain it. Remembering this fact and attracting attention and convincing people to donate their blood is not an easy task. That is why blood donation campaigns usually take effect, and for this, designs are necessary to announce their existence.

Among them, you may need these types of designs to communicate various aspects of Blood Donations:

Surely you think that designing posters and flyers is a task that requires certain skills and knowledge (and it is), but if you use our editor's templates you will save time and effort, and they are also free.

Do you want to create your own flyers and designs to advertise a Blood Donation campaign? Keep reading, we will tell you how to create them in just a few clicks.

Online editable template design to promote a Blood Drive event


How to create a Donate Blood banner with editable templates from EDIT.org

Follow these steps to create your custom designs:

  1. Click on any image on this page
  2. Select the Blood Donation template you want
  3. Edit and customize the layout
  4. Save changes online
  5. Download the free image in JPG, PNG or PDF

That easy! You already have it downloaded to your device :)

Thank you template for blood donors, customizable online for free


Use the Donate Blood ads to print or share online

You can customize any of the designs on this page and all of the editor's for your campaigns. You will see that the graphic editor is as easy to use as Word, but you will obtain spectacular visual results, since our professional graphic designers have designed the posters and other formats from a study and analysis of the needs of Blood Donation campaigns.

In addition, you can change the format of any template with the "Change size" button (the proportions of the composition will be automatically adapted to the new format).

Enter the editor now and create your custom designs to promote your Blood Donation campaign and get more donors than ever :)

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Edit a Blood Drive design