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On this page, you'll find information to answer any questions you may have about our editor, your user account, or pricing plans, as well as tutorials to help you quickly navigate the platform:

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1. Start here

What is EDIT.org?

EDIT.org is an online image editor with over 250,000 templates to create posters, banners, social media posts, and various types of ads with a professional look.

It's fully customizable and very easy to use, even suitable for an 8-year-old child.

Furthermore, we aim to act as a marketing tool for businesses. That's why we have a blog with design tips and recommendations that complements the editor.


How does our online design editor work?

Our editor has the right graphic design tools needed to create any visual resource from scratch or customize our professional templates.

It's uncomplicated and designed for beginners:

   1. Choose the template that best fits your idea.

   2. Customize the design with your corporate colors, icons, and text.

   3. Save the changes to your user profile.

   4. Share your creations with your colleagues.

   5. Download the final result in JPG, PNG, or PDF.


How is EDIT.org different from other editors?

Our editor is super simple and solely designed for creating images. No videos or animations.

We focus on designing image templates for all the daily needs of your business, including digital designs for posting on social media as well as documents or designs for printing.

The editor is oriented towards helping small businesses with their daily needs.

We offer a multitude of templates for different types of businesses and projects, with the intention of promoting special dates, events, discounts, or specific services, among many others.


Where can I find all the templates?

You can access the catalog from the editor itself or from our template library.

There you will find the different categories that we update daily with current designs.


Are the editor's photographs free of copyright?

Exactly! EDIT.org is the only editor in the world with all stock photos for free. You won't have any extra expenses when you use your designs, nor will you have to pay for the photos you use in them.


Will I have to install any programs on my computer to use EDIT.org? Does it work on Mac and Windows?

Our editor is 100% online, and you can use it from any browser with internet access and from any operating system, both from your computer and your mobile device.


2. Setting up your account

How to create an account?

You can create your free account here or from the top menu of our website:

Simply log in with your Google or Facebook account, or enter your email and create a password.

After this step, you will receive a confirmation email to validate your account.

Everything is ready to start designing!


What if I forget my password?

Click here to reset your password or click on 'Forgot password?' in the editor access window and enter your email.

We'll send you an email to create a new password and access your account.


3. Pricing plans

Do I have to pay to use EDIT.org's image editor?

Our image editor is forever free with the standard free plan, and we won't ask for any banking information.

You can create content using thousands of our free templates at no cost.

However, if you need to use advanced features or more premium templates, you have the option to upgrade to the Premium plan with a monthly or annual subscription.


What does the Premium subscription include?

The Premium plan includes access to everything included in the free plan plus exclusive Premium templates, extra features such as background removal or the ability to upload your own fonts, extra storage for more than 1,000 designs, the ability to organize files into folders, and team collaboration.


How do I sign up for a Premium account?

Here's the direct link to upgrade your plan to Premium.

   1. Go to your profile and click on the dropdown menu in the top left corner.

   2. Click on the blue 'Upgrade account' button.

   3. Choose between the monthly or annual subscription.

   4. Enter your credit card information.


4. How to use the editor

How to create a design in EDIT.org?

Access the Editor from the 'Sign in' link in the menu of our website or click here.

Once in the Editor, there are two options:

    1. Choose a template from the library and customize it.

    2. Start with a blank canvas and manually add elements such as text, photos, graphics, etc.


How to change the size of a design?

There are 2 ways to modify the dimensions of a design:

You can choose from the predefined sizes:

   1. Click on the top menu of the editor > Change size.

   2. Choose from the options of predefined sizes.

Or if you prefer, you can edit the size with custom dimensions:

   1. Select the option 'Change size to a custom size'.

   2. Enter the desired dimensions.


How to change the language of the editor?

   1. Go to the Editor menu located at the top left of the EDIT.org logo.

   2. Click on the language, just below 'My designs'.

   3. Select your language from the drop-down menu.

How to change the background of a design?

Change the background image

   1. Open a template

   2. Click once on the background image

   3. Click on the 'replace' button located in the top left menu

   4. You can upload an image saved on your computer or select any from the editor.

   5. Once the background image is changed, move it to the desired position.


Change the background color

   1. Click on the background color of the template.

   2. Click on the color square in the top menu.

   3. Choose the color you want for the background. Additionally, you can select a transparent background color.


How to add gradient colors to text?

   1. Select the text you want to edit.

   2. Click on the 'Effects' button in the top menu.

   3. Then click on Colors and Gradients.

   4. Choose the gradient that you like the most in the right area of the editor.

How to add your logo to a template?

   1. Click on the 'Photos' icon in the right-hand side menu of the editor.

   2. Click on 'Upload Image' and select your logo image to incorporate it into the design.

   3. Move your logo image to the desired area.

You can also replace an existing logo in a template:

   1. Drag your logo from your uploaded images and position it on top of the template's logo.

   2. The existing logo will automatically be replaced by the new one.


How to add and resize an image?

   1. Click on Photos in the side panel of the editor.

   2. Upload an image or search for one of our free and royalty-free stock photos.

   3. Click on the image to add it to the template.

   4. Resize by stretching and dragging the white points around the image.


How to erase the background of an image to make it transparent?

   1. Select the image in your design from which you want to remove the background.

   2. Click on 'Edit Image' in the top menu.

   3. Select the 'Remove Background' filter located to the right of the editor.

   4. A new identical image will appear, but without the background that we have deleted, therefore, you will be able to delete the old image that still contains the background.

   5. Finally, when you download the design, you can choose to do it with either a white background or a transparent background.

How do you align the elements?

   1. Select one or several elements or images that you want to align.

   2. Click on the 'Align' button in the top menu.

   3. Select the desired alignment.

How do you save and download designs?

You can save or download your designs from the buttons located to the right of the top menu bar:

   - Save: the design is saved in a folder called 'My designs', so you can edit or download it whenever you want.

   - Download: choose the format you want and save the file to your computer.

These are the available formats to download and print your designs.

All designs are downloadable in the most common formats so that it's easy for you to print or use them, both personally and for your business:

   - JPG: best option for sharing the design on social media.

   - PNG: for images with transparent backgrounds or that need to be inserted into a Word document.

   - PDF: for printing or sending by email.


How do you create a folder to organize your designs?

This feature is only available for subscribers of the Premium Plan.

   1. Go to 'My designs' in the editor's sidebar.

   2. Create a new folder and give it a name.

   3. Select one of your designs and expand the menu by clicking on the corner icon of the design to move it to the folder you want.




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