Progettare con è molto semplice e ora con i nostri video e tutorial diventerai un esperto di progettazione in pochi minuti.



1. Getting started

What is is an online editor with more than 20,000 different templates to create the best posters, banners, social media posts and different type of ads, very easy to use and completely customizable.

What makes different from other editors?

The editor focuses on helping small enterprises with their day-to-day needs, for which it offers distinct templates about different sorts of jobs or business which may help promote particular dates, events, discounts or specific services, among others. It’s possible to visualize the different categories here. Furthermore, our vision also consists of working as a marketing tool, for which we have a blog to complement the editor with many tips and recommendations. 

On July 2023, won the first prize in the special edition of the SeedRocked Entrepreneurship Campus, which was undertaken online and orientated to the post-COVID-19 situation.

How to create an account?What do you want to design today?

Creating an account in is entirely free, and it will only require a few minutes. Go to the upper-right part of the landing page, click on the Register button and introduce your email and password. Then you will receive a confirmation email to validate your account, and you will be ready to start designing!

Which languages does support?

The platform supports English and Spanish.


2. Account


Reset my password

Click here or go to the left vertical menu in the editor and click on the Change password option, in which you should write your email to reset the password.


Is it possible to use on smartphones?

Yes! You can use on your smartphone through your browser. Just click here. 

Which features are available on smartphones?

The same features that are available on your computer are available on your smartphone as well.


3. Premium version

How to register for a Premium subscription?

Go to your profile by clicking the edit logo in the top left corner. Click the blue and yellow Upgrade Account button and enter your credit card information. Here is the direct link.  

How much does a membership cost?

You can see our plans and prices here.

What does a monthly subscription include?

With an all-included monthly Premium subscription, you can easily access 20,000 more templates with exclusive designs with no extra payment. Also taking into account the regular templates available, there are 40,000 possible designs in total. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a wider variety of text styles, a higher memory capacity (5 GB instead of 100 MB) and branded packs for your business.


4. How to use the editor

How to edit a template?

Go to the editor, accessing from the landing page or any blog article—you can also click here. Otherwise, you will directly arrive once you log in. Then there are two possible options:

1. Select one category and a template you want to customize.

2. Start with a blank page and add all desirable elements.

How to set up size dimensions?

It is possible to choose the desired size by both clicking on Formats or by clicking on Change size, where it is possible to visualize the pixels.Categories and formats

How to change the language of the editor?

Go to the Editor menu on the upper-left part and click on the small arrow.EDIT menu

You will see many options from which the option to change language is available. Select the language with which you want to EDIT your template, and the whole editor language will change automatically.Change language button

Edit the background

Change background image

Open a template → click on the background image → click on replace image → There are two options: uploading an image from your PC or selecting one from the same editor.Replace to back crop button

Once having the background with the image, move it or align it to get the final design.

Add a background image:

Change the background image:

Change the background color of a design

Click on the background color  → now click on the color square and choose the desired color. There’s also the option of transparent color.Replace to back crop button


Edit the texts

Add gradients to your texts

Click on the Text in the editor sidebar → click on add title and decide the font and the size → go to colors in the Editor sidebar → choose gradients → choose the gradient you want.


Edit the elements

Put your logo or replace the one that already exists

Click on Photos in the editor sidebar→ click on upload image and select your logo → drag the logo image into the current logo to replace it.

Add and resize images

Go to Photos in the Editor’s sidebar → upload an image or select one from the same Editor → click on the image to add it in your design → modify its size with the white points located in the image borders.

Upload an image: 

Change color and size of elements:

Remove white background from an image and make it transparent 

Go to Photos in the Editor sidebar → upload the image you want to remove the white background to → click on filters in the upper section of the Editor.Align button

Look for a filter called Remove white border → select the recommended option in case you want to remove white background, or the Maximum option if there’s any other color.Remove white background

A new image without the background is going to appear, so the old one can be removed. Finally, when downloading the design, it is possible to download it with both the white background or the transparent one.Download your designs

Align elements in the design

Select the element or image you want to align → go to Align → select the desired position:

Align button position layers

Once having the design done

Save and download my designs

File formats to download and print designs

All designs are downloadable in the most common file types to make printing easy for you or your business:

Create a folder to classify the designs

Go to My designs in the Editor sidebar → create a folder → name it. This function is only available for PREMIUM subscribers.


5. Contact us

Report an issue, request a refund, or ask us anything. You can contact us here.


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