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Create printable labels online for your products and parcels with EDIT.org free templates.

Customize your label

Edit your own printable product labels with free templates from the EDIT.org graphic editor. Easily customize your product in just a few minutes.

Free printable address label templates
Free printable label templates to customize online


Personalize product label design templates online

If you have a business based on the production of your own products, you need to offer personalized items your customers perceive as unique. A good way to achieve this is by using a label that not only provides information about the product's characteristics, but also adds value.

Some examples of labeled products are all those that are sold bottled, such as beverages or fragrances. On the editor, you'll also find specific templates for wine bottle labels. Other items can be soaps or jars of food such as honey or homemade jam. It's also common to see personalized labels on handmade products, such as jewelry or clothing.

There are different label types. Here are some examples and ideas:

In any case, at EDIT.org, you can create your own labels for free, both to increase the value of the product and to make the manufacturing process less expensive. In just a few minutes, you'll get a professional result—as if you had a graphic designer in your project or company.

Free printable address label templates for products
Free online label templates for handmade products


How to edit free label design templates with EDIT.org

  1. Click on a template in this article or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Select the label design you like best for your product.
  3. Customize it with all the elements you want.
  4. Save the layout.
  5. Download the final result, and it's ready to print.

Handmade products free label templates


Customize label templates for your business

A label, apart from describing the item in question, should convey your brand values and personality through its visual characteristics. For example, if your item is handmade, vegan, or gluten-free, use colors such as green and yellow with simple font to give a sense of naturalness and purity.

Standing out from the competition will depend on the degree of the product's personalization and the relationship you establish with your customers, so every detail counts. Remember that at the point of sale, the small aesthetic details will make the customer choose one item over another. Never forget to insert your brand logo, so the customer will be able to relate the quality of the product consumed to you and make it easier for him to identify you on other occasions.

Finally, remember that depending on the sector you work in, you might have to include certain mandatory information on the label about the ingredients of the product or take into account the possible allergies of consumers, so you should consult the legal requirements in this regard.

Free address label templates to thank customers
Thank you blank label templates for products


Print labels with names, prices, and descriptions

Once you've finished the label in question, save the layout in the user profile for further editing at a later time or to create copies. You will find this feature very useful if you're not selling just one generic product but different items, and therefore, you need to make different layouts for each one.

So you can edit a single template and make various labels from it using the same colors and messages to reinforce your brand image. As EDIT.org is an online editor, you'll be able to modify texts, elements, or images whenever you want from any device with Internet access.

Editable free label templates to customize

Start now to create your personalized, printable label with EDIT.org's online graphic editor, and you'll see how quick and easy it is to give more personality to your brand and your products.


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Customize your label
Customize your label