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Free editable Monthly Planners online

Customize a free monthly planner template with EDIT.org graphic editor and start organizing your time easily and effectively.

Edit a monthly planner

Create a personalized monthly planner with EDIT.org's free templates. Edit, download, and print your design in just a few minutes.

Custom monthly planner templates to print


Create a printable monthly calendar

Monthly calendars are very useful to organize and schedule tasks throughout the month. Unlike other types of planners, they help us get a medium-term overview of everything that needs to be done, so they're convenient for prioritizing work and increasing productivity.

With your hectic schedule, it's totally normal not to remember all the tasks you've been assigned or that come up, so having an organizer is essential to capture everything that comes to mind without having to remember it. Also, these work very well as an incentive to achieve all the goals set.

At the EDIT.org graphic editor, you can find printable monthly planners so that you can customize them to your liking in just a few clicks. You can also edit daily planners, weekly planners, or checklist templates to complement them. 

Monthly planner with notes pages to edit and print
Editable blank monthly calendar template


How to customize a blank monthly calendar template with EDIT.org

  1. Click on a monthly planner in this article or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Select the template you like best.
  3. Customize it with your own texts and other elements and colors.
  4. Save the layout to your user profile.
  5. Download the template to print it or share it online if needed.
Customizable monthly scheduling template to print
Personalized monthly planner template


Use a free printable monthly planner to organize your tasks

Although monthly planners are also helpful for your personal life (to write down dinners, meetings, work tasks, obligations, etc.), they tend to be common in companies and businesses that have appointments with suppliers, meetings, pending duties, and/or holidays to keep in mind. Although many work teams already have corporate agendas, the truth is that planners of this type offer much more space to write and allow you to visualize the whole month at a glance, so the final organization is usually more effective.

EDIT.org templates are designed to adapt to each particular month, so they have a small space to write the days. You will only have to change the month name and fill in the gaps that you think are useful. 

At the design level, you can change the color of the template depending on the month so you can quickly identify what season or quarter it is. For example, you can use blue for the summer months and green for the spring months. You can also simply use your corporate colors to make the design more in line with your brand. Finally, don't forget to include other text fields that you think will be helpful, such as motivational phrases, main objectives, notes, or a small checklist, as well as your company logo if necessary.

Monthly organizer with notes pages to print
Monthly calendar template to customize for free


Your monthly calendar planner—ready to download in just a few clicks

You can use these monthly planners in both physical and digital format. However, it's highly recommended to print them out, so you can write everything down as you think of it. Also, you can quickly see everything you've done and cross completed items out.

At EDIT.org, we recommend you customize a template and save it in your user profile to modify when necessary or create a copy for each month. This way, you can make small changes if necessary and print the final result in maximum quality.

Custom monthly calendar template to personalize

Go to the editor to start creating your monthly planner quickly and easily, with all the relevant details.


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Edit a monthly planner
Edit a monthly planner