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Free editable Storyboard templates

Edit a template to make your own storyboards with the free designs of EDIT.org online graphic editor. Customize them to print in a few minutes.

Edit a storyboard

Create a storyboard to project your idea easily with free, customizable templates from the EDIT.org graphic editor.

Free storyboard examples for business


Customize professional storyboard templates online

A storyboard is a useful tool to create a document with illustrations to use as an outline before shooting and producing any movie, short film, social media clip, or corporate video for a website.

You must create one before any recording since you have to take care of every detail of what you will show to the public, users, or potential future customers. Each sequence has a specific objective, and all of them have to be well structured beforehand. 

In addition, when the recording process begins, the storyboard saves time, money, and other resources since everything that must be done or is needed has been previously agreed upon, so the possibility of unforeseen events is minimal.

Apart from being useful to produce visual content, you can also use a storyboard in your company to represent the user experience and describe the marketing and communication strategy to carry out.

Whatever your case may be, at EDIT.org, you will find free templates to create your company's or production company's corporate storyboard design, ready to edit and download in minutes.

Professional storyboard template printable


How to edit storyboard templates on EDIT.org

  1. Click on an image in this article to get started or go to the editor.
  2. Choose the storyboard design you want to edit
  3. Customize it as you like
  4. Save the layout to your user profile
  5. Download and print the final result

Free storyboard template to customize


Free storyboard templates for your projects

In all the templates you edit, leave a space to write project title and date, as well as the director or producer name if necessary. Next, add a space to put the sheet and the corresponding scene of each illustration, which will allow you to order the documents as they are being made.

As for the text of each illustration, add the sections you need: shot, description of the action, camera movement, sound, music or voice-over, duration, or extra notes. At the design level, use your corporate colors and insert the logo in all your compositions to show a stronger and more uniform reputational image.

Storyboard printable design


Download your blank storyboard template to print

Once you have finalized your storyboard design with all the necessary elements incorporated customized to your project, save the template to your user profile for further editing at a later time or create copies of it. Although it is most practical to create a single design and print it as many times as you need, you can also make a different storyboard customized for each sequence or scene.

The editing process will not take you long, and you will get a professional final result that you can use in your company all the times you wish. In just a few clicks, you can easily adapt the initial pre-designed template to your needs.


Start customizing a storyboard design for your project at EDIT.org online graphic editor.

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Edit a storyboard
Edit a storyboard