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Edit a bicycle and scooter sign

Bicycle and scooter parking signs

Create posters for bicycle and scooter parking or to prohibit access with the editable online templates of the graphic editor EDIT.org.

Edit a bicycle and scooter sign

Do you need to create signs to prohibit the access of scooters and bicycles or to delimit a space to park them? Do it in just a few minutes with the customizable online design templates from our online editor.

Customizable template for bicycle parking


Create a bike and scooter parking sign

Mobility has changed and transportation methods are becoming more and more varied. Adapting to this change quickly is a challenge for the cities, urbanizations and even businesses that customers reach with these means. Electric scooters have been the latest great addition, which has surprised many by its practicality (they are affordable, foldable, fast and you can take them to your home, office or even restaurants, bars, libraries or any store). In addition, scooters have covered the famous last mile of many people who usually use a private car or public transport and who want to save the last stretch by walking.

That is why nowadays, it is essential to take into account the arrival of bicycles and new scooters (and their variants) at your business, office or premises. Therefore, give them a space where they can be parked or charged.

Keep reading! We explain you how to create posters in just 2 minutes and for free.

Free customizable electric scooter sign


How to design a poster for bikes and scooters with the EDIT.org templates

Follow these steps to create your signs and banners:

  1. Click on any design on this page
  2. Select the template you want to edit
  3. Customize the composition and save changes online
  4. Download your personalized poster in JPG, PNG or PDF for free

Custom sign of no bikes, scooters or pets


Use your bike or scooter poster designs to print or share online

Clarifying the circulation limits of scooters & bikes with signs indicating parking or access prohibitions is the best way to maintain a certain order and not have to constantly give explanations.

In addition, if you have spaces where you can park, you can use it as a marketing argument to attract cyclists and users of scooters, especially if they are electric and can recharge the batteries while they are in your shop, hotel, gym, etc.


Wait no more, go to EDIT.org's editor and create your posters for bicycles and scooters to print and hang and your banners to publish on social networks.

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