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How to design posters for your missing pets

How to design posters for your missing pets
How to design posters for your missing pets

How to design posters for your missing pets

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If your pet is lost, find in EDIT.org useful templates quick and easy to customize in a few seconds. Don't waste more time!

For missing pets, it is fundamental to get started on your search as fast as possible. Creating lost pet posters and displaying them on your online or in-person community is a great way to begin your loving companion search. In our online design program EDIT.org, we've created a variety of lost/wanted poster templates you can browse and customize quickly so you can start looking for your missing pet.

All of them are fully customizable and specifically created to only change a few details. With the easy and intuitive editor of the platform, no design experience is required. All you need is a device with Internet access and the best photo of your pet so that everyone can recognize it.

Here there's a list of the 3 main elements that should be included in your lost pet poster:

  1. Clear title. Have a clear message that draws attention to what happened, such as "LOST" or "MISSING" 
  2. Photo. It is the most fundamental element as it will attract the attention of those who see your poster for the first time and can have a great visual description of what your pet looks like. 
  3. Description. It is where you can list any important details about your pet, such as the name, age, sex, coat length, and color. The description does not have to be large, and it can have some visually effective bullet points. 
  4. Contact information. Include your first name and your phone number, so people know how to get in touch with you if they find your pet.

By using our editor, you will only have to pick a template and fill it with your information. Once that is done, you can add your pet's photo by clicking in the section titled "My photos" where you upload the images wanted to display on your poster. Just download it, share it online, or print it in less than 2 minutes. You can also use these templates for any other missing items you might have, such as bikes, backpacks, glasses, etc.

Do not waste more time and find your pet with these editable designs ready in less time than expected. For sure you will be together again soon!

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