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Create designs for your NGO free

Free banners design for NGOs

Find on EDIT.org editable templates for the communication purposes of your NGO or non-profit project, ready to customize and download in a few minutes.

Create designs for your NGO free
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Find on EDIT.org all editable templates needed for the communication purposes of your NGO or non-profit project, ready to customize and download in a few minutes.

example template ngo design

Create a design to promote NGOs

One of the main objectives of NGOs is to reach and create an impact on as many people as possible to raise funds and people's awareness of the problems for which millions of people struggle in silence. Nowadays, the most effective way to do so is through the Internet with the use of banners and social networks. That is why we consider it necessary to have an excellent design tool for these images to obtain a professional and informative piece of communication and to get the message across these channels.

We want to avoid those members of these types of organizations have to spend money on other functions beyond their main purposes of helping others. Therefore, EDIT.org offers some free templates for not spending extra money on professional designers or having to use other challenging graphic design programs.

On the platform you will also find editable designs to look for volunteers, as well as posters for solidarity campaigns such as food drives.

animals ngo template

Non-profit organizations customizable free templates from EDIT.org

EDIT.org's team wants to help these organizations develop their marketing plan without having to worry about the design of their banners, posters, or flyers, only focusing on providing care for needy people. If your project needs communication pieces to convey its goals, values, and purposes, we invite you to continue reading the article since EDIT.org provides some useful tools to do so.

Here we show some advantages of using EDIT.org for your association:

ngo sponsor a child template

Apart from these advantages, you will find many more within the editor, such as combinations of pre-established colors, combinations of fonts, many small elements available to insert in your designs, and many more. Try it out now and get astonished by its benefits!

Create designs for your NGO free
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Create designs for your NGO free