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Create designs for your NGO free

Free banners design for NGOs

Create free custom designs for your non-profit organization on EDIT.org. Edit your posters, banners or flyers in minutes.

Create designs for your NGO free

Find on EDIT.org customizable templates for NGOs and non-profit projects, ready to edit and download in a few minutes.

animals ngo template


Create a design to promote your NGO

One of the main objectives of NGOs is to reach out and create an impact on as many people as possible to raise funds and awareness of the reality of the problems that millions of people struggle with every day.

Nowadays, the most effective way to reach people is through the Internet, mainly through the use of banners and social media. It is why we believe it is necessary to have a good design tool for this type of image, allowing us to inform and get the message across through these channels.

At EDIT.org, we want to do our bit for those who work hard to help those in need. If you need to create designs to promote your project in a professional way, use this free editor to do it.

Editable poster templates for volunteers needed
Free flyers to find NGO volunteers


How to edit a NGO template on EDIT.org

  1. Click on any image of this article or go to the editor to get started
  2. Select the template you want to edit
  3. Customize it with images, texts, elements, and logo
  4. Save the changes and download the composition in JPG, PNG or PDF format
  5. Print it or share it on social media
Free poster templates for animal NGOs
Printable flyer for animal charity organizations


Free editable online templates for NGOs 

If you want particular templates, we invite you to discover some of our ideal and useful designs for NGOs:

ngo sponsor a child template


Share or print your designs for NGOs in minutes

EDIT.org has been created as a very intuitive tool so that no prior knowledge of design or the use of the application is required to use it.

With your user profile, you can have the old designs you created every time you log in. This way, it will be easy for you to keep the same design line in all your publications or posters since you can create a new composition from the same template.

Remember, there is a group work option so that different members of your team can access and edit the designs.

example template ngo design

Start creating your NGO banners with EDIT.org!

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Create designs for your NGO free