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Edit a Solidarity Lunch poster

Solidarity Lunch posters for cafes & restaurants

Design free Solidarity Breakfast posters with EDIT.org's editable templates, easy to customize online for your venue and ready to print in minutes.

Edit a Solidarity Lunch poster

Create a Charity Lunch & Coffee campaign with EDIT.org's templates in less than a minute. Download and print your design for free to support those in need.

Custom solidarity meal poster design to print


Customizable Solidarity Meal posters

It's easy for us to get out of bed every morning and ask ourselves, "Shall we make ourselves a coffee or go outside for coffee?" probably the only dilemma we face during the day! Unfortunately, however, many people in your city can't conceive of the luxury of drinking a hot coffee. They are people who, unfortunately, are in a vulnerable situation due to various circumstances. Many of us live in our bubble and do not know that, closer than we think, someone needs help. Life is a series of spurts, and sometimes, without deserving it, we hit rock bottom. 

At EDIT.org, we don't want to close our eyes, and we want to do our bit. We would like, with your help, to make it possible for those who need it most to enjoy a good hot coffee or even breakfast in your cafeteria. That's why we had the mission to make editable templates of flyers and professional posters to offer the increasingly popular suspended coffees and breakfasts in your bar, restaurant, or cafe.

When a customer pays for two breakfasts instead of just one and says to you:

Write it down on a whiteboard, and you will see how, suddenly, a new glow of hope and the spirit of solidarity begins to shine inside your premises. Your customers will sit proud of the work you do. They will surely want to participate in this beautiful caffè sospeso campaign.

Because bad times usually end if you resist and do good things.

Customizable poster for cafe suspended meals


Edit Pending Breakfast designs at EDIT.org

  1. Click on the design that best suits your coffee shop, or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Customize it with your bar's logo and corporate colors and change the text to your liking.
  3. Save your Desayunos Solidarios layout
  4. Download the result in JPG, PDF, or PNG to print or share online

Free posters to make a solidarity lunch campaign


Free templates for your solidarity suspended coffee campaign

In some of our free templates, we have added the anonymous story that went viral on the Internet about the origin of this campaign. The customer can quickly understand how the initiative came about and can raise awareness of the cause.

     "In a cafe like the one you are in, two customers come in and ask the waiter:

- Five coffees, please. Two for us and three pending***

And they pay for five coffees, but you see that they only get two.

You don't understand. You ask yourself, "What is a pending coffee?".

That's when someone new enters the bar and, with a trembling voice, asks:

- Are there any pending coffees today?

They answer yes, and the person cries with happiness as they have their only hot drink of the morning. And also, perhaps, the only gesture of affection  he has received in a long time.

*** This movement was born in Naples (Italy). People of good human quality pay in advance for the coffees and breakfasts of those who cannot pay for them"

... Do you feel like it?"

It is not the only solidarity campaign you can create on EDIT.org. Create designs for another cause and reach the people who need a boost to keep going the most. Discover more editable solidarity campaign templates in the editor.

Editable poster for solidarity meals & coffees


Charity meal posters to download in minutes

You don't need any computer or design skills to edit our templates. Our editor is so intuitive that you will know how to use it right. Without the need for Photoshop, you will be able to create designs on a par with the creations of the best professional designers in the world - it's as easy as writing in a Word document

In addition, your designs will be automatically saved in your user profile so that you can continue editing them whenever you want. You can also create copies of the same template to promote your campaign in both physical and online formats, using the same template and adapting it each time to the size you need.

Go to the editor and create a poster to offer suspended breakfasts in your bar or cafe.

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Edit a Solidarity Lunch poster