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Marketing tips for bakeries and pastry shops

Marketing tips for bakeries and pastry shops
Marketing tips for bakeries and pastry shops

Marketing tips for bakeries and pastry shops

Create a bakery design

Hmm... what are you baking? It smells so good! It's a pity you can't deliver this smell to your audience everywhere because then you wouldn't need any of the bakery and pastry marketing tips we wanted to share with you.

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to send smells through a screen so we invite you to get comfortable and take note of everything you find interesting in this article.

Do you have a website?

We know that it can be an expensive process and especially if you want a good result, so we recommend you to have it only if you have a large budget and especially if it is essential for you. For example, if you make requests to order or if you send your products to the whole city or country. The design of the website has to be very easy and intuitive so that users can complete the actions quickly.

Also on the web, you can share the link to your social networks and back. Having a website will always help you to make it easier to contact your company and generate more exposure.

Have you considered starting a blog?

A blog can be a channel of information for your customers, which will allow you to reach many more people than you expect. You can share recipes, photos of your products, videos... in short, content that adds value to your brand and customers. Also, thanks to the comments section you will be able to interact with the visitors of the blog. Don't forget to always add quality images! You know that food first enters through the eyes.

What about social networks?

They will be your best ally. Yes, you have read well, you need to open a profile for your bakery or pastry shop in social networks now! But don't worry, you don't need to have accounts on all networks. It is preferable to use only one social network but to be very active than to have a profile in several and neglect it. Our recommendation is that you focus on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, which is where your audience is mainly concentrated and also YouTube, to upload recipe videos to your channel and share them on the blog.

Creating content for Instagram or Facebook is very easy, you can upload images with the offer of the week, promotions, raffles or simply photos of your products that will make the mouth water. It is important to have a good strategy for the networks and take care of the style and tones with which you upload the images to create a profile with a good design.

You probably think this is all very well, but it's going to take a long time that you don't have and maybe you can't afford to hire anyone. Don't worry, you just need the right tool to get it. That's why we want to introduce you to EDIT, an online graphic design editor created to make the world of design easier for everyone. Its operation is based on fully editable templates designed by professionals. So all the user has to do is choose the design that best suits their needs and customize it in a single click. The result will be a totally professional and personalized design for your business.

In addition, the editor has thousands of templates organized in different categories according to the type of content. You can find specialized packs for bakeries, pastry shops, ice-cream parlours... in addition to specific designs for your business, you have an entire pack with all the needs for your social networks covered. For example, a template to make raffles, a template to promote a certain product. All of them following the same pattern and design line, to enhance the image of your brand in the networks. In this way, each time the user sees a particular design style will associate it with your brand.

EDIT is an online program, so you do not need to install it on your computer and you can access your designs whenever you need from any device with Internet access. Here we show you some examples of premium packs that you can use whenever you want just by adding your brand logo.

If you have any questions or don't know where to start, please contact us and we will help you. We can also create specialized packs for your specific business on request, talk to us to find out more!

Create a bakery design
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