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Edit a template for a graduation ceremony

Free customizable Graduation poster templates

Customize your school's graduation ceremony invitations, banners and posters online with EDIT.org's free printable templates.

Edit a template for a graduation ceremony

Design invitations, posters, and publications for your school's graduation ceremony with EDIT.org free templates.

Ceremony Graduation templates to edit online for free


Create invitations and posters to announce your institution's graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony of any school, college, or university is an important event for students who celebrate the completion of a vital stage of their lives surrounded by their classmates, friends, families, and teachers. Therefore, a good organization of the event by your school is essential to make it an unforgettable day.

If you work in an institution that organizes this type of ceremony, you must create posters, invitations, or social media posts announcing the event in question in advance so that attendees can reserve the date. As every detail counts, it is crucial that these designs convey the values and personality of your center, as well as adequately informing about what will take place.

At EDIT.org graphic editor, you can easily design your institution graduation announcements, invitations, and online posts from pre-designed templates so that the final result is spectacular. Also, find out the best customizable templates to create diplomas and certificates for your students.

Personalized graduation banner to customize


Customize graduation announcement templates online at EDIT.org

  1. Click on a design of this article or go to the editor to get started
  2. Select the graduation template you like best
  3. Customize it with text, images, icons and other elements
  4. Save the final composition to your user profile
  5. Done! Download it to print or share on social media

College graduation posters and flyers to print


Editable graduation banners or cards for your college or university

Once you have the event organized, start by creating a poster to announce the event and invite students. Insert all the elements, images, and texts you think are appropriate, and the information you think is relevant. You can also create more personal invitations with the name of the graduating students.

For the event first day, you can create a program or a student list with all people who will get the diploma. Many schools also choose to make social media publications to congratulate graduating students once the event is over or posts mentioning specific students' achievements. Finally, edit templates for graduation parties, parades, and dinners.

Once you have finalized your designs, save them in the editor for further modification at a later time, or create copies of them. We recommend including your school's logo, corporate colors, and contact information on all templates to project a more consistent and professional image of your company.

Free online graduation invitations and banners

Get started now with your graduation invitations and announcements at EDIT.org.

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Edit a template for a graduation ceremony