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Create my diploma or certificate

Templates of diplomas and certificates

Boost your academic center reputation by creating a diploma or certificate for your students. Find hundreds of free templates to edit online on EDIT.org.

Create my diploma or certificate

Do you run or work in an academic institution, and you're looking for certificates and diplomas templates for your students? On EDIT.org, find hundreds of designs to customize online and for free for your classes and courses.

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Create school diplomas for your students

There is a large offer of free online and face-to-face training, but programs with an accredited or certified diploma are more valued. Some of these accreditations are essential to work or find a new job (such as language diplomas of a specific level). However, sometimes they are more symbolic, such as attendance certificates or an end-of-year diploma for children.

In any case, a diploma is a small reward the learner receives for his effort during the learning period. Then, congratulate your students with the best custom designs and make sure they will remember you forever.

Find the perfect certificate for your company and personalize it with your logo, texts, and corporate colors in just two clicks, and it will be ready to share or print. It is easier than editing a Word document!

On the editor EDIT.org, you can also find diplomas for kids, with a more appropriate design to their age, as well as employee month diplomas, very useful for the Human Resources department.

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Personalize an award certificate template on EDIT.org

  1. Click on any image in this article
  2. Select the diploma you want to customize for your students
  3. Edit the template by modifying the student data and other elements
  4. Save the changes online to edit it later
  5. Download your diploma as a JPG, PNG or PDF for printing

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Free diploma templates to edit online

In today's competent society, having more diplomas and certificates is considered to be fundamental to get a job. People often share these sorts of documents on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, for instance.

Then, offering a diploma or certificate issued by your institution will attract new students, so it is necessary to inform about this official accreditation before the start of the course, indicating the benefits of having it for the students' careers. Also, it works as a quality criterion that helps promote your business, so you won't have to carry out additional advertising campaigns for your center.

We encourage you to click on one of the diplomas and see how easy it is to customize it in just a few clicks. Take a chance to boost your academy's reputation with EDIT.org! Edit your certificate or diploma now.

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Create my diploma or certificate
Create my diploma or certificate