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Templates of diplomas and certificates

Creating a diploma or certificate for your body online is very simple. Customize your diploma in one click.

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Templates of diplomas and certificates

Do you offer a free certificate online course? Are you looking for templates for certificates and diplomas? If you are looking for free diploma templates, we offer you a variety, along with other Premium templates and some tips for your classes and courses.

Find your company certificate template here and personalize it with your logo and corporate colors in just 2 clicks, so you have it ready to share or print. It will be easier than editing a Word!



There is a large offer of online and face-to-face continuous training, but proposals with an accredited or certified diploma are more valued. Sometimes they are essential certificates to work or find a new job (such as the driver's license and certified diploma for example), but other times they are more symbolic, such as attendance diplomas or an end-of-year diploma for children. In marketing there are more things than offers and discounts, it is also about communicating your strengths. Therefore, whenever you can, we recommend that you offer a diploma at the end of the course.



Can these customizable templates grow your school or business? Today, all kinds of online classes are offered to be carried out comfortably from home, from learning English, a word workshop, office, or programming to more practical a priori workshops such as a massage, aromatherapy, social health care or even as a cart driver. In all of them, offering a diploma or certificate issued by your company or society can attract new students, so it is important to inform about this official accrediting diploma before the start of the course, indicating the hours of instruction to be carried out and in how many weeks, in addition to if it is a training with theoretical and practical classes. It is not only a certificate of attendance, but also a quality seal that can help promote your business, since everyone likes to show it to their friends and family or even share it on social networks.



In our case, we encourage you to click on one of the diplomas and see how easy it is to customize one of these editable templates in just a few clicks. We assure you that in a few minutes and effort, when you finish you will have your accreditation diploma ready.


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