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Edit a template for your language classes

Designs for language classes and courses ads

Advertise your language classes and courses with EDIT.org's customizable templates. Create your flyers, posters, or banners quickly and easily.

Edit a template for your language classes

Customize EDIT.org free templates to advertise your language courses and classes. Discover the poster, banner or flyer designs to edit online.

Editable templates for language classes to personalize online


Create a poster to advertise your language classes or language courses

Learning foreign languages has become a common activity among many of us. Although some languages such as English are essential for work or travel, many decide to start studying a new language as a hobby, simply because of curiosity or personal improvement.

There are many language academies, schools, or private language teachers, so they should advertise themselves to reach a lot of potential future students. To do it, it is fundamental to create posters, brochures, or publications on social networks announcing the different courses offered with their corresponding characteristics (schedules, price, levels, etc.).

On EDIT.org, you will find different templates to make your language classes well-known, all of them customizable online so you don't have to worry about their design anymore. On the editor, you will also discover other templates for online courses as well as designs for online lessons.

Editable poster to promote your language classes and courses


Editable posters for academies or private classes

Customizable English classes posters and promotional flyers


Edit layouts for language classes with EDIT.org

  1. Select a template from this article or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Edit the information or the design to adapt the template to your business
  3. Save your changes
  4. Download the layout in JPG, PNG, or PDF format
  5. Print or share on social networks the final result


Flyers of English classes with your offers and services

Include the logo of your school or academy in all the designs you make, as well as an image of the flag or colors linked to the language in question to make the individual who sees the flyer quickly identify what course it is.

In the template, you can also insert the different course prices, the materials needed, class schedules, or any special requirements. For example, some academies give an initial level test to each student to assign them to a group, as well as intensive courses.

In any case, save the changes once the composition is finished. You will be able to access the saved designs whenever you want to edit them again.

English classes banner to customize for schools


Printable templates for online classes

Probably you will need to create more than one design in different sizes, both in an online format to share on social media and in physical format to print in maximum quality. EDIT.org offers you the possibility to create copies of the same template, and change their sizes in one click to adapt them to your needs.

Start now to create the best brochures and posters for language classes.

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Edit a template for your language classes