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Designs  to promote your online course

Designs to promote your online course

Create your course banners

If you run an academic institution offering online courses or you give personal online lessons, find in EDIT.org the most helpful and eye-catching customizable templates to promote them.

Customize a template to promote your online course

Both the demand and supply of online courses are growing. Through such training sessions and workshops, any person, school, or academy can offer their services more directly and straightforwardly, a reason for which this format is increasing. However, competence among such institutions or people is also rising. That is why promotional advertising must sell and convey your personality and values, as well as stating the benefits of your course

The income you can get from the courses depends on various factors: their quality, the subject, the number of hours, the number of sessions, etc. The more specific the niche in which you specialize, the easier it will be to highlight and sell your courses

Tips for creating a successful online course

Editable online course templates from the graphic editor EDIT.org

To create images attracting potential students' attention, use EDIT.org. It is an online graphic design editor created to allow everyone to make professional pieces of communication effortlessly and in just a few minutes. You won't have to download any particular software. Within the editor, you will find a specific category for online courses in which there are hundreds of free customizable templates of different styles. With a single click, you can change the background image and add your logo. You can also modify, add, or remove the text to your liking, and from the editor, you can adapt the same template to all the different social network image sizes.

The final result will be of great quality as if it were a design made by a professional. In the end, download the image in the format you need.

We encourage you to follow all these tips helping you sell your courses online and getting more income. We also invite you to take a look at the editor, where in addition to templates to promote online courses, you will find all kinds of resources needed for community management, social networks, and others. Try out our free designs to promote online courses now!

Create your course banners
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Create your course banners
Create your course banners