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Designs to promote your online course

Create at EDIT.org designs for your online course ads with free and fully customizable templates. Edit and download them easily in minutes.

Edit course ads

If you run an academic institution offering online courses or you give personal online lessons, find on EDIT.org the most helpful and eye-catching customizable templates to promote them.

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Customize a template to promote your online course

Both the demand and supply of online courses are growing. Through such training sessions and workshops, any person, school, or academy can offer their services more directly and straightforwardly, a reason for which this format is increasing. However, competence among such institutions or people is also rising. That is why promotional advertising must sell and convey your personality and values, as well as stating the benefits of your course. 

The income you can get from the courses depends on various factors: their quality, the subject, the number of hours, the number of sessions, etc. The more specific the niche in which you specialize, the easier it will be to highlight and sell your courses.

Create flyers, posters, or banner designs at EDIT.org to promote your courses effectively. The process of editing these ads will be simple, as the editor has predesigned templates for this purpose, free of charge. We will tell you how to do it!

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Edit a course advertisement template at EDIT.org

  1. Click on an article image or enter the editor to get started.
  2. Select a design for your courses from the available ones
  3. Edit the template with the text, images, colors, and elements of your choice
  4. Save your changes online
  5. Download the final result to print or share on social media
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Free templates for English courses to customize online


Tips to market your online course

What should you take into account before you start?

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Best editable templates to advertise your courses

Find specific templates for your training and educational programs in the editor:

You can also find other free lesson planners or syllabus designs that you may find interesting to organize and publicize the content you offer.

Remember that when you finish your designs, save them in your user profile so you can edit them again at another time or create copies. From the same template, you can make all the formats you want for all social media platforms, along with documents to print.

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We encourage you to try all these tips to help you sell your online courses and income, start now to edit an ad for your online course!

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