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Find in EDIT.org the best editable templates to promote your online classes and courses, very easy and fast to customize in a few minutes.

Maybe virtual classes are your regular teaching format, but they can also complement the face-to-face ones. In any case, in online courses, there is no physical space, so you can give your sessions with as many people as your marketing and communication reach. Then, take advantage of it and design the best banners, posters, or flyers to promote your services.

In EDIT.org you will find predesigned templates for your courses of:

Keep reading the 5 promotion tips below and discover the templates with the best designs to make your classes a success.

This is an example of a template to promote your English or other languages lessons:

The 5 steps on how to promote your class online:

  1. Inform about your online services. We recommend using a cover photo for your social network, which you can also incorporate into your website and send in a newsletter. Don't forget the basics: what, when, where, and how. 
  2. Communicate and remember each service, class, or session in a punctual or daily way, before the event itself. You can use a banner to do so. We recommend including your email or contact telephone number so that in case they share this image, they can contact you.
  3. Package and facilitate the testing and purchase of your services. We suggest offering a free or discounted trial and then sell packs of about 5 or 10 sessions with a special offer. Once this threshold finishes, the client will be more predisposed to pay a monthly bill. Communicate it with banners of packs of 10 classes or sessions.
  4. gift voucher is always a great option to promote and provide ideas to those who are looking for gifts for their partner, family, or ¡ friends. Or even for a company that wants to offer some incentive to its employees.
  5. Publish your schedules and digital meeting point using a template regularly, so that your clients do not miss any part of the course, and so that your followers remember that they have this alternative on the internet always at hand.

Do you want to publish it on different social networks? Read on below!

If you are thinking of publishing it on various social networks, you can change the size of the template in just one click with the "format change" button, and adapt it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, without having to do your design again.

If do you have a gym and now your are teaching on Zoom or skype there is a lot of templates designed for you, change the logo and the background photo and ready to get more clients!

That's all! You already have everything you need to promote your class online and reach more clients than ever. Try it now!

Edit my online class template
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Edit my online class template