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Online classes templates

Online classes templates
Online classes templates

Online classes templates

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An online class can be your business format or a complement to it. In any face-to-face class you will meet the limit of the physical space of the room, but in an online class on the internet you do not have this limit, you can give your sessions with as many people as your marketing and communication reaches. If you want to promote your services on the internet, we help you with something essential, the best editable template designs to promote your classes online.



Do you want to communicate your classes and courses online with a good design that helps you have more clients? Here you can find all the design templates for courses and online classes of:

- Sports, gyms and health. Yoga, zumba, pilates, workout, fitness template designs that you can adapt for any type of class to be in good health and get fit. From the announcement of your classes and tutors, the schedule grid, to health tips and reminders for social networks and newsletters.

- Education. All designs to communicate school support classes and private reinforcement classes. Did you know that the most requested are in mathematics, physics and chemistry?

- Higher training. If you teach marketing, sales, programming, graphic design, you can find the best designs to grow your online courses. You will find templates to announce the course, promote each session or event, teacher presentation, inspirational quotes, event calendar etc.

- Languages. Language classes and courses to learn from home or remotely. Communicate your language classes and courses online visually, whether they are in English, Spanish, German, Italian or Chinese, we give you the necessary templates so that they can sign up and attract the attention of more students.

- Music. Promote your music classes with the best customisable designs, be it guitar lessons, a piano course, or you want to teach singing, drums, violin or music theory, you can adapt these templates to the instrument you can teach to play. Dedicate yourself to teaching basic exercises, songs and tutorials and use these templates to communicate it in the best way.

- And many more categories!

Keep reading the 5 promotion tips below and discover the templates with the best designs to make your classes a success.


This a example to promote your english or other languages classes:


The 5 steps on how to promote my class online:

1.- Inform about your online services. We recommend using a cover for your social network, which you can also incorporate into your website and send in a newsletter. And above all, don't forget the basics: what, when, where and how. What class, what days and times, in what medium or social network can they find you and how.

2.- Communicate and remember each service, class or session in a punctual or daily way, prior to the event itself. You can use a banner to publish it every day, we recommend that you include your email or contact telephone number so that in case they share this image they can easily contact you.

3.- Package and facilitate the testing and purchase of your services. We recommend that you offer a free or discounted trial and then sell packs of about 5 or 10 sessions with a special offer. Once this threshold is passed, the client will be more predisposed to pay a monthly bill. Communicate it with banners of packs of 10 classes or sessions.

4.- A gift voucher is always a good option to promote and give ideas to those who are looking for gifts for their partner, their family or their friends. Or even for a company that wants to offer some incentive to its employees.

5.- And above all, publish your schedules and digital meeting point using a template, on a recurring basis, so that your clients do not miss any part of the course, and so that your followers remember that they have this alternative on the internet always at hand .

Do you want to publish it on various social networks? Read on below ...



And if you are thinking of publishing it on various social networks, we make it very easy, since with the Edit format change button, you can change the size of the template in just one click and adapt it to facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, or the network and format you need, without having to redo your design.

That's easy! You already have everything to promote your class online and reach more clients than ever.



If do you have a gym and now your are teaching on Zoom or skype there is a lot of templates designed for you, change the logo and the background photo and ready to get more clients!





Edit my online class template
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