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Create book covers online and free

Do you want to create a free online book cover? Choose from the hundreds of cover designs we've created that can be edited in one click.

Create my book cover
Create book covers online and free

How many times have we bought a product by design? Or go to see a movie by its poster? And a book by its cover? Yes, many of them. They say that an image is worth a thousand words and when it comes to choosing a reading we opt for those covers of original books or those covers of books with surprising designs that attract our attention.

Although the important thing is inside, a book cover with an attractive design can attract the attention of many readers, that's why in this article we'll teach you how to make an online book cover, free and simple.

In EDIT you will find hundreds of templates to edit your book cover. Pay attention to the steps you will have to follow to create a good online cover in less than 1 minute!



Enter the covers category in this link or in the sizes section of the publisher. Choose a pre-designed template from hundreds of exclusive designs to create a great book cover. Upload an image or choose one of the millions of images with the photo search, you can use it as the background of the book. Add color filters and retouch the image of your cover to your liking. Write the title of the cover and your name and you have it, ready to download and print!

Don't worry if you don't know how to design, professional designers have already created hundreds of templates, you just have to click on the texts of the design and replace them.



If your dream has always been to write a book, why don't you start with the cover? So you will have a guide to write your dream book, and if you already have to wait to create a professional cover in a few clicks, it's free!

A picture is worth a thousand words and you know it... with EDIT you can create the cover designs of your book for free and in a very simple way with hundreds of templates. To design the cover of your ebook, in addition, you can choose from more than 1 million images and combine them, so you can even create the covers of your book of love, adventure or a story.


Once you have created it, all you have to do is download it in the format you want or save it in your user account. Add the cover in your book and scratch! You will have your book finished and ready to become a super sales!

Create my book cover
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