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Templates for World Book Day

Celebrate World Book Day in your business with the best free templates for posters and banners, totally customizable on EDIT.org.

Edit Book Day designs

Promote World Book Day in your bookstore, newsstand, or cafe with EDIT.org's editable online templates and sell more books than ever.

World Book Day template maker and editor online for free


Promote Book Day in your bookstore, newsstand, cafe, or education center

International Book Day is a holiday that's celebrated worldwide every April 23. The objective of this day is to promote reading, promote the publishing industry and copyrights; that is, intellectual property.

Throughout this day, events related to the sale of books are held in different regions. Some of the most famous are book fairs, second-hand fairs (with second-hand copies of books), book signings, presentations, and/or exchanges of books for roses, as is the case in Catalonia in the well-known celebration of Saint George, which coincides with this date.

Some promotional design formats you can use for Book Day are:

Enter our editor, select the design you like best, and change the size to the publication format that interests you most. The layout composition will automatically adapt to the new aspect ratio without you having to do anything. It's quite impressive! Much better than Photoshop.

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book day banner template

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Editable Book Day templates for your business

In recent years, this day has become increasingly important, since digitization has meant that for many, reading has ceased to be a hobby, and instead has become something secondary and punctual, even obligatory.

It's precisely for this reason that this day is becoming more and more important and necessary. Books, in any of their formats, are very necessary to cultivate ourselves and also to be able to disconnect. It used to be a popular hobby, long before any gaming console was invented.

Some small ideas that you can organize with the help of the design templates, depending on what you do:

In short, try to create some kind of attraction related to books and literature and you'll see the great acceptance it has.

Editable blue banner for Book Day
Customizable red banner for Book Day


Edit a template for Book Day with EDIT.org

Whatever your sector or job position, you'll need a good design for the occasion. To do this, you don't need to have specific knowledge in graphic design, just the right tools. EDIT.org is a free online graphic design editor, an easy and intuitive cloud tool that gives you professional results. Here you'll find thousands of fully customizable templates in one click.

On our online editor, there are dozens of templates ready to edit. You don't need to download any program or software, just register with your email.

Follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Book Day template that best suits your idea or start from scratch.
  2. Add or modify all the elements you want, such as the background, the font, the text, the colors, stickers, etc.
  3. Upload your logo of your bookstore, company, or organization.
  4. Save each design online in the editor.
  5. Download the design for free in the format you need (JPG, PNG, PDF).
  6. Upload it to social networks, to your website, send it by email, WhatsApp...or print it.

It won't take more than 5 minutes to have your design ready!

Book Day free editable template online


Customize designs for your business communication

EDIT.org also offers many other functions and resources that can save you from many troubles on a day-to-day basis. If you have a brand, for example, you may be interested in all the options and proposals offered by the platform for social networks. If, on the other hand, you're a student, with the editor you can create the best covers for your books easily and with incredible results. Go to the editor and discover all the options and functionalities.

Click on any image in this article to enter the editor. You can create your poster or banner to promote Book Day and surprise all your customers with an original, eye-catching design.

Get started and create the perfect design for such a special date and astonish your customers with it. Try our Book Day templates now!

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