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Templates for the World Book Day

Templates for the World Book Day
Templates for the World Book Day

Templates for the World Book Day

Edit Book Day designs

World Book Day is a worldwide celebration of the 23rd of April. The aim of this day is to encourage reading, strengthen the publishing industry, and copyright (intellectual property).

Throughout this day, and even week, in different countries events are held that invite you to encourage reading. Some of the most famous events are book fairs, second-hand book fairs, book signings and the curious exchange of books for roses that take place in Catalonia.

One of the places where Book Day does not pass indifferently is in schools, where all kinds of activities are carried out with children to encourage them to read.

In recent years, this day has become increasingly important as digitization has meant that for many people reading has ceased to be a hobby to become something secondary and punctual due to obligation. It is precisely for this reason that this day is increasingly important and necessary. Books, in any of their formats, are very necessary to culture us and the best hobby that exists, long before any game console was invented.

For this day a multitude of events are created and social networks are flooded with greetings and other designs related to books. If you also want to do it but until now you didn't know how, we invite you to continue reading.

To create the best designs for World Book Day, you don't need to have any idea of graphic design, just the right tool: EDIT. This is a free online graphic design editor, which bases its operation on a very easy and intuitive system with which you don't need to have design knowledge to be able to use it and obtain professional results. In the editor you will find hundreds of fully editable templates with just one click.

The next step is to download it in the format you need (.jpg, .png, .pdf) and upload it to your social networks or send it directly to the printer to create posters. It's up to you.

EDIT also offers many other features and resources that can save you from many daily hardships. If you have a brand, you may be interested in all the options and proposals it offers for social networks. If you are a student or you like to write, with the editor you will be able to create the best covers for your essays or books in a very easy way and with incredible results. There are many more functionalities, but we let you discover them little by little as soon as you try the editor. What are you waiting for?

Of course, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you :)

Edit Book Day designs
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