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Reading poster templates to edit online

Create free bookmarks and signs to promote reading with EDIT.org's customizable templates. Print designs for your bookstore or school.

Edit a reading sign

Encourage reading by creating free cute reading posters at EDIT.org. Also, customize event posters or infographics for parents to get their children into the wonderful world of books.

Customizable poster for reading books


Design posters about books and reading

Do you remember the first time you read Tom Sawyer or Harry Potter? Enjoying reading is one of the most important things we can do. Borges said that the book is the most amazing instrument created by man. And Russell Lowell hit the nail on the head when he said that books are the bees that carry pollen from one intelligence to another.

If you are a bookseller or a teacher in an educational institution, perhaps you want to help your customers or students foster a love of books. EDIT.org is the perfect website to create online and professionally without effort:

At EDIT.org, we have decided each of these designs is completely free for users who want to get involved and become, like us, defenders of literature and intrepid prophets of letters, able to face any giant to bring the light of imagination to the darkest of caves.

Transmit your love for books!

How to customize free reading posters for libraries at EDIT.org

It's easy!

  1. Click on a banner in this article or go to the editor to choose another one you like better.
  2. Customize what you want to change in the poster: the slogan, the logo, the colors, the drawing...
  3. Save your work. This way, you can make changes to any device without starting from scratch.
  4. Download your design in JPG PDF or PNG format. It's ready to share or print in high quality!

Free editable poster of reading books template


Top 5 tips to get kids to read more according to the UN

Editable poster to promote reading


Poster about reading books to download in minutes

Discover our powerful graphic editor! With no need to open Photoshop at any time or download heavy and annoying design Apps, you can create professional posters as if you were an elite designer - discover your power! You'll get spectacular results, and it's as easy as typing in Word! For an expert illustrator, creating a poster or flyer like the one you'll create with EDIT.org usually takes an hour to two hours. But with our intuitive and fun editor, you'll have it ready to print in less than a minute.

Go to the online editor now and do your bit to promote reading to young and old!

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Edit a reading sign