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Podcast covers templates to edit online

Use these templates with the best podcast covers artwork, ready to custom and design or upload your podcast logo. Change the size of the designs in one click.

Edit a podcast cover

Create a podcast cover for each episode with EDIT.org templates, ready to customize with your logo and corporate colors, download, and update.

Podcast cover editable template for free


Create a personalized podcast cover art

The podcast industry has been rising steadily for a few years, and it finally seems that we have reached a point of a consolidation. In addition to the growing appearance of apps like Audible, iVoox, iTunes, etc., another clear indicator is the presence of the category within Spotify. There is more and more podcast demand and consumption, so every day, it makes more sense to dedicate time and effort to the creation of this type of content.

The first impression is what counts, and more when it comes to a podcast, where the presentation cover and the image of each chapter are the only visual references a listener usually has. By being the minimum expression, it is vital to select a design fitting the style of the audio content and differentiate you from others.

Podcast cover template with micro and circle

Also, the use of smart Virtual Assistants such as Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant is growing too, which are installed in smart speakers like Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo, or Google Home. These assistants are small objects in the shape of a speaker that more and more people are buying to have at home and give them small orders or requests to search for information or audio content by voice. For example, a potential listener of yours might say: "Alexa, find a marketing podcast in Spanish", and the speaker would give them a few options in which your podcast may appear.

Business podcast cover for free ready to edit

The advantages of podcasts are many, but above all, it is the ease of consumption. Users listen to hours of audio while driving, cooking, or going anywhere, that is, during daily routine tasks, playing sports, on public transport, or in the doctor's waiting room, for example. Therefore, if you are a blogger or you are thinking of starting a blog, do not hesitate and start doing your podcasts. You will only need a quiet space where you can record your first audios and a graphic cover to publish it.

Find on EDIT.org templates that best suit your style and adapt them to your liking. It will only take a few minutes, and it will be easier to edit than a Word document. Not only can you modify the texts and colors or upload photos of yourself, but you can also add all kinds of editor resources, such as images, icons, clipart, texts with unique fonts, gradient backgrounds, etc.

Podcast cover design with background color and a woman picture


Podcast cover designs to edit online

Here are some categories of podcast cover design templates that you can find or create on EDIT.org:

Podcast template with a background picture


Customize a free podcast logo online

Create a cover or design in a few minutes, and if you see that you do not have enough reproductions, make as many versions as needed in a few seconds. Also, you can make a design and use it as a template for the following chapters, so that you see a continuity in the brand identity.

Get the most out of the podcast boom with your knowledge. Whether they are digital info products or an online discussion meeting point, your publications can reach the ears of the whole world. We recommend broadcasting them through posts on social networks, which you can do a couple of times a week, for example, an announcement on Facebook with the next episode, and then another for the launch.

Create attractive covers for your show and each chapter, and get more views of your podcast than you imagined.

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Edit a podcast cover
Edit a podcast cover