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Edit a lesson plan template

Editable and printable lesson plan templates

Discover on EDIT.org the best daily and weekly planner designs for your classes, ready to print in a few minutes.

Edit a lesson plan template

Create customized daily and weekly planners for your classes with EDIT.org's online graphic editor. Designs ready to download and print in minutes.

Daily lesson plan template editable online for schools


Create a personalized lesson plan

If you work in the teaching area, you will surely know how fundamental it is to prepare your classes and subjects in advance. On the one hand, it is essential to have a script of everything studied, how it will be taught and which goals will be achieved, and then check if students have learned all the concepts discussed. On the other hand, these planners are vital for the educational centers themselves since the center administration can see the teacher work done and share these study plans online for the families.

On EDIT.org, you will find different templates to make an original and professional lesson plan, easy and quick to edit for those who do not have many insights into graphic design. On the platform, you will also find other templates for colleges such as diplomas for kids or class schedule templates.

Editable lesson plan template for preschool


Customize a free lesson plan template

On EDIT.org, you can adapt a template already created by professional designers to your needs, adding all details and elements you want. However, there are a series of common aspects in all of them that we recommend to keep:

Elementary lesson plan templates for schools


Steps to make an online lesson plan with EDIT.org

  1. Click on any template of this article or go to the editor to get started
  2. Select the planner you like the most
  3. Customize it with all the information, colors, and elements you want.
  4. Save the composition and create copies if you need more than one design
  5. Download the image in JPG, PNG, or PDF format and print it out.


Types of EDIT.org editable class planner templates

There are various sorts of study plans you will need depending on your center or class type. On the editor, you will find templates for all of them:

Simple lesson plan template to customize online

Designs ready to download and print

Once the composition is finished, save it in your user profile to continue customizing it later. As it is an online platform, it is possible to use EDIT.org from anywhere and with any device with Internet access. If, for example, you are in class or in the middle of teachers' meetings and you need to make some sort of modification, you can do it easily and then download and print the final result in just a few minutes.

Go to our graphic editor and start designing the perfect planner for your courses and classes, adapted to your needs and those of your school, center, or academy.

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Edit a lesson plan template