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Edit a raffle ticket design

Printable Raffle Ticket Templates

Create your raffle tickets to print for all your raffles with the eye-catching and free editable templates of the online graphic editor EDIT.org.

Edit a raffle ticket design

Customize your own raffle tickets to print with the editable and free templates of the online graphic editor EDIT.org.

Raffle ticket template maker with free download


Create a printable raffle ticket with a cool design

In just a few seconds, you can get your tickets design ready. Make the most of the event with a spectacular appearance that generates more desire to participate in your contest. Create tickets that are aligned with your brand image and enjoy it with your customers.

Free raffle tickets template to print in paper


Edit a template to design your tickets

Use one of our editor templates to get a design with a result that looks like a professional designer, but without the need for graphic design knowledge.

Raffle tickets template with the online maker, to download for free


Your tickets ready for your raffle in 5 steps

  1. Select one of the multiple ticket templates
  2. Edit the design for free
  3. Save changes online
  4. Download your free ticket on your mobile or computer
  5. Print the ticket and share the image on social media

Blank raffle ticket template to edit for free


What is the raffle ticket format?

Using EDIT.org is easier than doing it in Word. Customize ticket templates quickly and easily. All templates have the proper format of the tickets, of horizontal proportion, and with the fields of Name, Surname and email, although you can edit what you need:

Raffle ticket ideas for a facebook or online ideas


Print your tickets and promote the raffle online

Once you have the design ready, you can download it for free in any of the most used image formats (JPG, PNG or PDF) and send them directly to print to your favorite printer, since they already have the appropriate format and proportions.

On EDIT.org you can also find some tips and templates on how to run a raffle or promote a giveaway or raffle among friends, followers and customers.

Get excited with your raffle with a good design that fits with your company. Go to EDIT.org now and create your tickets in a few clicks.

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Edit a raffle ticket design
Edit a raffle ticket design