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EDIT a raffle template

Create free online giveaway banners

Find out the best ideas and templates to promote your online giveaway or social media contest at the EDIT.org graphic online editor.

EDIT a raffle template

Customize a free template to promote your online giveaway or social media contest at EDIT.org. Find out the best designs to edit and download in a few clicks.

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Create designs to promote giveaways for your products and services

Do you want to interact more with your customers and make them excited about what you offer? In this article, we explain why giveaways and raffles are one of the best ways to engage with them, as well as getting new ones. Also, we provide you with some templates to promote them. 

With the EDIT.org graphic online editor, you have all resources you could imagine to create your designs for promoting the giveaways online in less than a minute. It offers a wide range of templates to get the job done.

Some examples could be a hair salon offering one free shampoo bottle with a haircut, a free meal in a new restaurant with a premium cocktail beverage, or a free holiday by purchasing a charity donation. Spark your creativity and do the raffle online or offline, however you want. Also, discover customizable raffle ticket designs.


How to edit a free giveaway template online with EDIT.org

  1. Click on any image of this article or go to the editor to get started
  2. Select a template to customize
  3. Customize it with images, texts, elements, and logo
  4. Save the changes and download the composition in JPG, PNG or PDF format
  5. Print it or share it on social media


Reasons to promote a giveaway through Instagram or Facebook

A giveaway can be an exciting way to spark the interest of potential consumers in any given business. Some firms conduct contests and sweepsteaks aiming to attract people to their business premises. Besides, since the prize is often a characteristic product or service, it also works as a promotion of what the company offers.

If the giveaway winner likes what he or she has won, the person will eventually purchase or recommend the brand, which contributes enormously to the company awareness. In the end, it may lead to a free marketing campaign, which is beneficial for the business in terms of growth and sales.

To sum up, the main goal of conducting a successful raffle is to reach new potential customers. People often participate as they like the possibility of winning it, so with such a strategy, these individuals can become new clients. Nevertheless, making raffle tickets appealing can be challenging if you don't have any previous notion in design, so several tools will be needed to get professional results.

Instagram giveaway template for free with money icon


How to organize an online contest or giveaway for your business

Free banner template to promote online raffles and giveaways


Attract new customers by organizing a recurrent giveaway or raffle

Raffle promotions also work as an effective way to receive loyal customers. For example, if a business does a specific raffle every year, then the same people will enter that raffle, and they will tell more people to increase brand awareness through word-of-mouth. Therefore, being able to keep the same design every year and only change the necessary texts and elements is fundamental not to waste time.

Find many giveaway templates on EDIT.org and start designing your banners and signs now! Also, you could complement it with other designs you will find on EDIT.org and that are so useful to reinforce your business and communication strategy.

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EDIT a raffle template