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How to promote your restaurant online

How to promote your restaurant online
How to promote your restaurant online

As we have already mentioned on other occasions if you have a restaurant, it is not enough just to offer an excellent cuisine, you have to know how to promote yourself so that everyone knows you. Do you know the best way to make yourself known today? Internet- through Internet and social networks you will be able to increase your number of clients.

There are different ways to promote yourself as flyers or physical advertising, this time we want to focus on online tools. Which tools can be used in your social networks and website to attract the attention of users.


First of all, we recommend that you take a look at this guide to managing a restaurant's social networks, where you'll learn tricks to quickly grow your profiles. Once you're clear on how to organize your networks, it's time to generate content. Your social network accounts are your biggest showcase to the world, so you have to take great care of it.

The key to success is to offer valuable content to followers while promoting your brand.

EDIT is an online graphic design editor that has developed a technology that allows anyone to create their own designs with professional results through fully editable templates previously designed by professionals. After carrying out an exhaustive study of the needs of the restoration sector, the EDIT team has created a series of packs with the aim of satisfying all these needs for graphic resources that can be presented in the sector. Today we want to talk about simple marketing methods that you can implement in the management of your restaurant without involving time or effort.

What are the best methods to promote your brand without investing a lot of money?

Among the requirements that you set to participate in the draw, you can not miss the need to follow the profile and mention a friend(s). This way you will be gaining followers and visibility.

You will be able to promote your publications throughFacebookAds or InstagramAds thus reaching a large number of people. It is very important that you make a good segmentation so that all the money invested (there is no minimum, it will depend on how you want to manage it) get profits. For example, segmenting by location in the catering sector so that the advertisement is shown to potential clients is fundamental.
Promote an active draw in your profile through Instagram Stories on a regular basis for greater participation.



In EDIT you will find these designs and many more that can help you improve the image of your restaurant and win new customers. Strategies such as gifts, promotions, and sweepstakes will not cost you a large investment of money and yet are the best method to make yourself known.


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