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Restaurant Social Networking Guide

Restaurant Social Networking Guide
Restaurant Social Networking Guide

Restaurant Social Networking Guide

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Do you have a restaurant, pub or similar business and want to improve the communication on your social networks? Did you know that you can get new customers through social media?

If you want to take advantage of all the positive things of a good network management for your business, this marketing guide is for you. You will see how through social media you get new customers and make a wider audience interested in your establishment. You can achieve all this through a single program: EDIT.

EDIT is an online graphic design program that will allow you to create all the graphic designs you need with the resources we have in a single click and without having any design idea. Unlike the other editors, with EDIT you already start with a template made by a professional in which you can add and remove things to your liking. The result? Fully customized professional designs in a minute!


There's a saying, and it's true that we eat through our eyes. Therefore, do not neglect your social networks, if you get your followers to water their mouths with your profile, they will not hesitate for a minute to go to your restaurant. EDIT will help you with the profile on the networking platforms, but you can also create posters, flyers and other physical resources for your local restaurant. 



We know that it is not easy to get enough time that social networks require for a business so in addition to facilitating your work with the posts, we will tell you which are the most important so you can focus on it and not waste your time in other secondary things. Of course, if social networks are your passion do not hesitate to be active in all, it is a great way to make yourself known!


Facebook continues to be a benchmark for all users when it comes to learning about a company. Therefore, you should not leave it aside. It is very important to reply to all users who contact you in the shortest possible time and, like Instagram, to promote your premises through photos, promotions and offers.

As Instagram belongs to Facebook, you will be able to upload stories and publications simultaneously to both profiles. But watch out! you should not share the same content on the two social networks always, each one is different.

Facebook is the best platform to share valuable content for users: news, tips, videos ... about your restaurant or establishment. Instagram, on the other hand, is based more on aesthetics.


Once you're clear on which networks are best for your establishment, now let's talk about what kind of content you can share on them. Of course each store has its own personality and its own star products. A restaurant is not the same as a bar. However, we have created a series of specific templates that will adapt to the needs of any type of catering establishment. Remember to be active in the networks and publish content weekly and on a very regular basis.

Here are some ideas for regular posts you can do!


What better way to inform your customers than by showing them a menu with an attractive design and get that just by seeing it opens the appetite. In the editor you will find many templates that will serve as a bedrock for just having to introduce your dishes and ready! If one day a meal change, do not worry just change it in the template, in 5 seconds will be done.

Do you really like the menu card design? Print it and show it to your customers. You can download your designs in the format you need.

Surprise your followers with the daily special, they will surely dare to go to your restaurant. In the same way, you dedicate more to the night world you can show them which is the special of the house.

Once you have created your template, you only have to change the photo to update it every day, week, month ... Print it and make posters for your local too.

It is similar to the menu, but will serve to inform your customers about the wide range of products (like drinks or desserts) they can try in your establishment. If you want to create a better image and more impact use the same design style in all charts, menus and other graphic resources. For this we have created special packs.

drinks menu template desserts menu templates


One of the things that makes your store more attractive to customers are promotions and offers. Don't forget to share them in networks with different designs that will attract attention. In EDIT you will find templates from the "Happy Hour" as the menu of the house to 50%. Of course, they are only examples, you will be in charge of adapting the templates to your offer.

If you get your followers accustomed to a specific day to present promotions it is likely that they will be aware of your profile every week so as not to miss it.

You can't miss it! Giveaways are an effective way to win followers and above all to strengthen our customers. Whenever we give something away, the customer's esteem for the company increases. In order to do so, you only have to offer one service (a dinner voucher for two, a drink voucher...) and explain the conditions of participation, which are usually as follows:


You will also be able to create other types of cards, loyalty cards that consist of cards with space so that with each consumption you put a stamp and when you get an x number of stamps, the customer will receive the service for free.

Don't suffer! You can create all your content in the blink of an eye thanks to EDIT. In the editor you will find hundreds of templates that we have prepared especially for catering establishments. This way you won't spend more than 5 minutes of your time a week to have all your social network posts ready.





We would like that after these simple tips you are encouraged to try how easy it is to have a professional profile for your business and start benefiting from all its advantages as soon as possible. EDIT can save you a lot of work and that's why we invite you to try it now. In addition, we offer you something that you can't refuse: try EDIT Premium for one month for free and access the exclusive packs we have prepared for catering companies.

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