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Create loyalty and gift cards for your business

Create loyalty and gift cards for your business
Create loyalty and gift cards for your business

Create loyalty and gift cards for your business

Create my loyalty card

Loyalty cards are an agreement between a store and its regular customers. These cards are considered to be a reward. This creates a higher customer retention rate and overall. You should consider implementing loyalty cards in your business.

There's nothing to think about! You should start using them now. Another point in favor of loyalty cards is that without knowing it, they are a free advertising medium as your customers will carry them in their wallet and can talk to others about the advantages or just unintentionally show them when opening the wallet. In addition, loyalty cards are gift vouchers or coupons that your customers can redeem, which will bring them back to your establishment.



Start designing your cards with EDIT, our online graphic design editor. On the platform, you will find hundreds of templates with designs and graphic resources that you can use in all kinds of business. Today we want to talk to you about the templates specially designed to make loyalty cards. In the editor you will find different designs perfectly adaptable to your business, you will be able to create loyalty cards for restaurants, pharmacies, shops, beauty centres... in short, any business you can think of!

The editing process is as simple as choosing the model you like and start customizing it. With one click add your logo, change the colors to your company's and add your contact information and then,  you're ready to go - just print!

As you can see, it's a process that won't take more than five minutes. EDIT team has thought in everything, and has specialized to help small businesses that don’t have many resources to create their own corporate image through the editor, easy to use and very intuitive.



If you do a little more research in the editor you will find other resources very useful for your organization. Speaking of cards...

More and more people are choosing to give gift cards or checks from a store so as not to fail with the gift. Does your store offer these types of cards?

Do not miss the opportunity to offer your customers this service. Gift cards or discount vouchers are a very interesting option for your customers, they have your brand logo printed on them and besides adding value to your business, they are also a means of free advertising through customers. Gift vouchers or cards have to follow the design of your brand so that they are easy to identify and buyers associate it with your place. Sometimes these cards end up lost in your wallet so it's important that at a glance, customers remember who you are.



In the editor you will also find templates with super cool designs for these cards. Also, if you have uploaded your logo before you can access it from your folder my images. Each user has an expandable internal memory, which is accessible always with all the designs and icons you want.

EDIT also helps you create a unified corporate image on all your social networks and will save you a lot of editing time - we have over 3000 templates waiting to be edited! From the same design you can adapt it with a simple click to the recommended measures for each social platform, so that your images are not cut and your profile seems to be managed by a great professional.

You'll also find templates with cards for customer satisfaction. Here's a collection created for restaurants:



If you are not sure how to get started or you want us to help you with the creation of the corporate identity, write us, we can propose other options that will make your design even easier. Interesting, isn't it? Don't wait any longer and get in touch with us, or dare to design all your company's graphic resources yourself.



Create my loyalty card
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