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Edit an obituary card

Free editable memory cards for funeral

Customize an obituary design with free, fully editable templates with messages for funeral from the EDIT.org online graphic editor.

Edit an obituary card

Make a custom memorial or funeral card for a loved one using EDIT.org's free editable templates. Get an elegant and professional result in minutes.

Custom obituary cards for funeral


Create a customized obituary card

Giving the sad news of a loved one loss to family and friends is not a pleasant thing for absolutely no one. Posting the obituary on a social network, a media outlet, or hanging the obituary on a select bulletin board is a delicate a matter. Inviting a mass or small memorial gathering is an intimate and emotional act.

At EDIT.org, we want to give you a hand in this sad moment and help you design a distinguished and personalized obituary. Whether you work in a funeral home or you want to design a card for a loved one yourself, we have created a collection of free templates that you can customize in less than a minute. The result will be elegant and respectful. Find it here:

Editable memory cards for funeral service


How to edit in loving memory cards for funeral at EDIT.org?

There are just four easy steps:

  1. Select the obituary you like best from the ones we show you in this article or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Edit the template. You only have to modify the texts and, if you wish, include the photo of the loved one. But if you want to customize something else (typography of the texts, color of the background, etc.), you can also do it.
  3. Save the composition
  4. Download the image in JPG, PDF, or PNG format. You will have it available in high resolution to print, send online or publish anywhere you want.


Free templates to make death announcement card


Design and download printable messages for funeral within minutes

Sometimes it is challenging to find the right words. That's why making an obituary from an editable template is a good idea. Don't create something that can give you trouble or lead to double interpretation. It's better to be elegant and precise. It is best not to give too much room for creativity on this occasion since any gesture can be interpreted as an act of disrespect.

Our editor is 100% intuitive and free. The result can be printed in high resolution and quickly. You will be able to create perfect funeral memory cards with just a few clicks.  

We have worked with a lot of love to accompany you and help you at this time. Hopefully, our work will please you, and you will be able to customize a template that will turn out to be the perfect announcement to say the last goodbye to the one you love so much. 

Go to our online editor now and create an obituary in just some minutes.

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Edit an obituary card
Edit an obituary card