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Get your business to success with spectacular and personalized flyers. You can create the best leaflet completely free of charge and without having any design idea.


Whether we want to announce the party of the year or if you are announcing the menu of the small bar on the corner we have to create an impact on the person who receives it. With EDIT you can achieve professional results without investing time or money to design flyers. You do not need to have previous design knowledge to create your own piece of art!

Although we live in a world where technological communication is increasingly imposed on physical communication, We can not deny the importance and effectiveness of print ads. The direct contact that the flyers provide you with the client is not comparable to any technological experience known to date. Advertising brochures come directly into the hands of our target, so we have to keep in mind the design and content always thinking in the head of who will receive it.

Brochures or flyers is one of the most well-known traditional marketing methods. They are valid for any business, event or broadcast that you need to do. Until now, you probably would have always commissioned your flyers to professional designers. It is normal, since the design will be what differentiates an attractive flyer that captures the attention of the clients of one that ends up in the garbage. But ... how about if we tell you that with EDIT you can design the flyers for your business yourself with excellent results?

Forget about having to hire third parties to promote your business. Create and design yourself easily and simply online your own. You just need to have a main idea and from here, EDIT provides you all the tools to carry it out. What's more, if you're not sure what exactly you want, do not worry! We have more than 100 fully editable templates with different designs that can serve as inspiration.

Moreover, doesn’t matter if you have no design idea, we promise you a successful end result. EDIT has been designed so that its use is very intuitive and easy. You will be amazed for what you are capable of doing and until now you did not know!

To create a flyer you just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter in the editor and choose the option "Flyers"
  2. Choose the template that best suits your idea or create yourself a template from scratch.
  3. Personalize it by adding your own image, change the text, icons, add your logo ... you can modify all the elements!
  4. Download the brochure created in minutes and …
  5. Don't wait for a second to distribute it and watch as customers begin to arrive!

Besides another of the great advantages of the editor is that you can save and re-edit whenever you want old designs in your personal profile. This means that you can reuse your own designs by changing only details such as the date or they can serve as patrons for the new events. All the members of the team can also have access to all the designs, so that at any moment anybody can do the design that is needed. As anyone can use it thanks to its ease of use, you won’t have problems.

EDIT can be used in any electronic device with Internet access which will allow you to create, retouch and design your flyers anywhere.

The flyers you create with EDIT will be ready for printing. You won’t have to worry about the final finish. We take care of everything! You just have to make sure that everyone gets one.
In the editor you will find a series of predetermined sizes that are the most used for the flyer format: A5 or A6. However, you can set the measure that you want.

Nowadays many of the clients prefer a physical relationship with the companies. The flyers and brochures are the most effective instrument to get closer to our public massively and the truth is that the conversion data of a good flyers are very good.

By distributing our flyers either at the door of our business, mail or in any other situation, we will be creating a sense of closeness and confidence with our customers. So do not think twice and start designing your own flyers with EDIT