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Enhance all your brand’s social media profiles by easily creating cool images with the editor EDIT.org. Get exclusive designs to make your business well-known.

Edit a post for Social Media

Try these EDIT.org templates for your social media posts to share valuable content, whichever your business is.

Social media templates to edit online for free


Create social media images for your business

The number of social media users has grown exponentially in the last few years. When someone wants to know about a business, they will search it on the Internet, both the website and social media platforms, so they are an effective tool to get your brand's message across your customers.

With EDIT.org, create professional images to share on social media platforms. They must convey your values and personality, as well as offer appealing content about your business for potential clients to see. Spend enough time preparing each post since it will be the first impression consumers will have of you. You will have many different templates for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.

From any initial design, you'll be able to change the format and adapt it to the different networks with just one click, without cutting the image or reducing the quality. Also, it will be possible to use the same design pattern in all templates to create a defined professional uniform aesthetic users will enjoy and relate to your company.


Edit free editable templates for social media images on EDIT.org

  1. Go to the editor or choose any template of this article to get started
  2. Scroll down through hundreds of templates and select one to customize
  3. Edit it by changing its size, style, color, objects, and stickers.
  4. Save and download the image 
  5. Share your design and attract new followers's attention


Facebook Images

Facebook has billions of active users a month from around the world, so imagine the scope your publications can have. In general, its posts are not very long and are accompanied by graphics and videos since they attract more the user's attention. Definitely, Facebook is the best social network to build your digital brand and promote a business.

Find on EDIT.org templates for cover photos and designs for images to share.

facebook inspiration post template


Instagram Images

Instagram is a more recently developed application compared to Facebook. If we said that Facebook was the pioneering social network, Instagram is the trendy application, used by almost 800 million active users per month. It can be connected with Facebook, so it is possible to create content for one of them and use the same for the other, which is quite beneficial. An image on Instagram is the most vital aspect of posts, so the text is secondary.

Templates for Instagram images that you can find on EDIT.org are designs for Instagram stories and templates for Instagram posts.

instagram stories template yellow motiv


Twitter Images

Twitter is the social platform in which conversations with users occur in live time and instantly, which is why millions of images are shared daily. Generally, the content shown does not last more than two hours, so it is vital to generate a lot of content to reach as many followers as possible.

With EDIT.org, you can create your Twitter company header photo as well as designs for tweets with images.

twitter post template color pink


LinkedIn Images

LinkedIn is the most crucial social network when it comes to business. LinkedIn focuses on companies, employees, and schools, so you will be in contact with both partners, employees, and investors, as well as those who only want to find out about your company. As it is a professional social platform, offer informative and appealing content for your followers.

Find on EDIT.org templates for LinkedIn posts and designs for LinkedIn headers.

linkedin post template inspirational quote


Youtube images

Youtube is the platform for uploading videos par excellence, although recently Instagram has adapted to this format through the so-called Reels. There are an infinite number of different channels on the platform about different areas: games, fashion, habits, curiosities, entertainment, etc. In any case, it is necessary to show a profile both close and professional.

On EDIT.org, you can from YouTube channel art designs to images for your thumbnails.

Try now the EDIT.org templates that you can easily adapt to the needs of your business and your different social media profiles.

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Edit a post for Social Media
Edit a post for Social Media