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Improve your LinkedIn posts with EDIT.org

Create professional publications for LinkedIn with EDIT.org. Choose among our thousands of free templates to customize in a few minutes for your brand’s posts.

Create your LinkedIn post

Customize the best designs for your company's corporate LinkedIn posts with EDIT.org free templates.

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Create LinkedIn pictures for your business

LinkedIn is a social network especially created for enterprises to establish connections with others. Then, this platform is the most effective one for generating leads. It is important to offer useful informational content that will generate interest in your company. It is also crucial to maintain the company's profile active, but you should be careful to not overwhelm your followers with too many posts. 

LinkedIn posts are similar to those on Facebook, but with a greater point of seriousness. It is about creating a unique and interesting content that differentiates you from the rest of the companies in order to attract the attention of contacts who will recommend your posts which can expand your business network. 

To do so, EDIT.org provides you with customizable templates that will help you minimize the time you spend creating content and maximize the results. You will also find editable designs for corporate LinkedIn headers.

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Edit LinkedIn banner images with EDIT.org

With EDIT.org, don't worry about hiring a professional graphic designer to create a great LinkedIn post image since we have all tools you need to create and edit professional looking pictures. With all of the time and money saved by using our editor, you can invest it back into growing your business.

To start editing you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the editor or select a design from this article to get started.
  2. Choose the template you want to customize
  3. Add or modify the texts and add the company logo or other elements that may be useful and identify you.
  4. Download the final result at the moment.
  5. Share the image in your LinkedIn post and start making contacts.

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LinkedIn posts dimensions and sizes

As you can see, it's very easy. You won’t even have to think about the size or quality of the image because we guarantee they will be the right one. Our templates for LinkedIn publications have been adapted specifically for these types of posts, so don't worry about anything other than getting a perfect design. We know size is one of the main concerns for users since when an image is uploaded, it sometimes appears cropped or pixelated because of the size and quality. Here are the suggested sizes for your LinkedIn posts updated (2021):

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Customizable templates for LinkedIn posts

It is essential that the designs shared provide relevant information and create interest in the user about your company. Keep your profile active by providing content on a regular basis to avoid giving the impression that it is a neglected company. 

The photos you use in your LinkedIn profile will act as a letter of introduction to potential investors, customers, and partners. Be always original with your posts without losing the essence of your business. Use images high-quality images to add content about your company, always accompanied by watermarks or your business logo. 

With EDIT.org you won't have to worry about the small details as we will help you with the editing of your images. You will be able to get a professional final result and save time to invest it in growing your business.

EDIT.org helps you by providing you with everything you need to achieve this task with minimal effort and to succeed to have a great company post! Get started now with your LinkedIn post!

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Create your LinkedIn post
Create your LinkedIn post