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Enhance your brand’s LinkedIn reputation by creating professional cover images in a few seconds. Use the free editable templates of the online editor EDIT.org.

Create your LinkedIn cover

Create a corporate LinkedIn cover image for your company with EDIT.org's customizable templates.

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Create a corporate LinkedIn header

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world, where every day, millions of users use it for networking and employment opportunities. If you are working for a company and use social media to spread your philosophy, values, and also products, you must have a presence on LinkedIn. How to stand out among many different profiles? Well, it can be simple with good design. Specially, the cover photo is an element that helps make your profile more appealing, professional, and that can easily convey your personality.

EDIT.org is an online graphic editor that will help you achieve so. It is not necessary to download any program, neither to have any previous design knowledge to get professional results. This tool seeks to save you time and money, enabling the creation of your own images. It is so intuitive to learn, and its use improves with each use.

This editor helps keep your corporate image in all publications because of the internal memory the profile has, which allows accessing all designs created. Then, when creating new ones, it is possible to use the same design pattern. Also, you will find on the editor other editable LinkedIn post templates.

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Free LinkedIn backgrounds for your business on EDIT.org

  1. Go to the editor or click on any design of this article
  2. Choose the one that suits you the most, or start with a blank canvas
  3. Add your own background image and add filters, texts, objects, icons, logo, etc.
  4. Save and download your creation
  5. Share the new cover on LinkedIn and attract all users' attention

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LinkedIn cover photo size

One of the most important aspects to take into account is the design size since images could be cut or pixelated if using the incorrect one. The recommended size for LinkedIn profile background covers in 2021 is of 1584 x 396 pixels. 

EDIT.org gives you the appropriate size when selecting the template format. Then, once chosen the option Images for LinkedIn covers, the template measurements will automatically adjust.

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Editable LinkedIn background photos and covers

Keep in mind this social media platform have two types of profiles: personal and company pages. However, in both cases, we have to convey our representative values through the images published, both as a brand and as an individual. In particular, the cover image will be the first impression our contacts will have about us, so it is essential it helps the user to identify your profession at a glance. In addition, without a cover image, we will be losing the option to give our profile a more personalized touch.

EDIT.org will help you keep this corporate image throughout all your publications since you will have an internal memory within your user with which you can access all the designs you have previously created, and from them, create new ones following the same pattern. In addition, you can access and edit them from any place with Internet access and from any device. 

Start now creating your Linkedin cover with EDIT.org, making it appealing and original to captivate all your followers.

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Create your LinkedIn cover
Create your LinkedIn cover