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How to get quality Instagram followers

Discover here the best tips and recommendations to get more followers on Instagram and enhance your business.

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Instagram is widely known as the most effective approach for any company to generate customer engagement, so it’s fundamental to create a user community that enables your brand to interact and grow online. On EDIT.org we will help you do so! Find here the best tips and recommendations to raise the number of followers in your business Instagram account.

Marketing strategies to increase your followers on social media

The first thing you have to know is that to make a successful strategy, it is preferable to have a smaller number of followers but quality ones rather than having a lot of empty followers. Quality followers are those who are active and interact with your account. It will not be productive to have thousands of followers if they do not show any interest in the posts or the content you offer.

Specific applications help you get many followers automatically. They do the dirty work of following many accounts and then unfollowing them repeatedly. The problem is that these followers are just a number, and many of them are fake accounts which will not interact with your profile. Also, the software of these applications cannot distinguish which followers are good and which ones are not, so it’s hard to determine which are potential customers. 

If we want to use our Instagram for commercial purposes, it is better to have subscribers who care about your project instead of having a number that only counts as a ghost. Then, here we will show you the best strategies to increase the number of quality followers:

Create a community

You will have to do some research to know what your target market on Instagram is, that is, the ideal profile you would like to be part of your brand. Your posts may not have the same impact on men and women of an age between 18 and 65 years old compared to young people from 18 to 25 years old. However, you will have followers with other characteristics that you cannot forget either. 

Publish frequently

It's simple: the more you post, the more people you will reach. Publishing content regularly lets followers know your account is useful and active, so they are more likely to keep following you.

We know that it is not easy always having new and catching content to publish, so we recommend you having a consistent posting schedule for your platforms. Instead of posting 15 pictures in one day, spread them out and post one every two or three days to avoid running out of content. Consistency and quality are the keys to publishing content. If you want to save a lot of time on the task of preparing and organizing content, take a look at these tips:

Post different types of content

Instagram has added new features such as Instagram stories or live videos, so seize it! Keep the audience informed using them. This type of content can be more personal, like posting a video about a specific moment or reporting the audience of any small change that occurs within the company.

Also, make sure that in your company’s profile feed there are different types of posts: an image dedicated to the product, a specific lifestyle linked to the product you offer, or even motivational quotes. Don’t forget to follow the same style (colors and font) in all posts. Your profile does not always have to be for promoting the products, it is also a reflection of your brand’s personality and how people can feel identified.

Add Hashtags

Do a little research to know which are the hashtags that can help you have visibility. Do not forget to add your unique hashtags either. There are many apps which enable you to know which ones are most successful at a particular moment. Keep in mind that the more specific words used, the smaller reach is, but it will be more effective since you will get closer to your target audience.

Keep metrics in mind

When you classify Instagram as a company in the profile options, it is possible to have access to a series of statistics and metrics that help to know which content and in which time frame your posts are most effective. Experiment to post at different times for a few weeks to know the behavior of your followers and in which hours they are more active.

Add tags

Tag your posts with professional profiles you think may be related to your posts, as well as remember to add the location of the picture. This will help you get visibility, which can make you get more views.

Getting and reaching the right followers on Instagram will enhance and boost your business, so start now designing a new communication strategy involving all the tips mentioned above. Get started now!

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