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Remove white backgrounds from images and make transparent

Remove white backgrounds from images and make transparent
Remove white backgrounds from images and make transparent

Remove white backgrounds from images and make transparent

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If you want to construct a photomontage or design for your services, products, logo, or your team's crest, and need to erase the image white background, you have come to the right place. Using EDIT will allow you to eliminate the white background from your images and replace it with a transparent PNG that looks professional.

How do you put a transparent background on images that have a white background?

Follow these instructions and you will be able to do it online with EDIT, you won't need to download any program.

  1. Register with EDIT, it is free, and you have one month of Premium subscription.
  2. Upload your photo.
  3. Click on the photo and then on the filters button.
  4. Click on the filter button to remove the white background.
  5. Click on the Recommended filter button, and that's it!

A new image will be inserted with a transparent background and it will also be saved in your image folder.

To download an image with a transparent background you have to click on the background of the design, click on the sidebar in the transparent color, and download it as transparent png.

You can also use this transparent image in the thousands of designs we have in EDIT, to use for any type of design for your business, sports club, or association. It will never be a problem to make professional mounts.

With this filter, the possibilities of your images of products or people with removable backgrounds are endless! You can use the millions of images of products EDIT offers, or you can use your own photo, keeping in mind they should have a white background. If you decide to take a photo, use a white background wall, and in a few clicks remove the white background, and best of all, it is completely free.


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