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Remove white backgrounds from images and make them transparent

Discover at EDIT.org how to make your image background transparent in just a few minutes. Find the best customizable templates for your business designs.

Edit a free design

Discover how to put a transparent background into your images in the online editor EDIT.org. Find also the best editable designs for your company.

Remove white background from images


Make a transparent image with an online background remover

If you are creating a design for your project or business (be it a flyer, banner, poster, card, etc.) and you want to remove the white background of a specific image, you are in the right place. With EDIT.org, remove the background of your photos to get a transparent result that will look very professional. Here's a quick tutorial on how to do it!


How to make background transparent with EDIT.org

  1. Select the design you want to edit
  2. Upload your own images and easily insert them into the template
  3. Select the photo from which you want to remove the colored background
  4. Click on the filters button and apply the Remove white background option - done!

This is the filters button that will appear when you select the photo:

Filter button to select filters and remove white or black background

This is the option to remove the white background from the photo:

Background remove option from the online graphic editor EDIT.org

Don't forget to save the composition to continue editing it later ;)


Edit free designs with no background

When you remove an image background, a new image with a transparent background will be inserted and saved in your image folder. Then, to download the image, click on the design background, then on the transparent color in the sidebar, and download it in PNG format.

Remember that this type of image can be part of any of your business designs. At EDIT.org, you will find thousands and thousands of free templates for your business, easy to edit in a few clicks. Although you have the option to insert images from the Internet without copyright, we encourage you to upload your own to further customize the final result.

Go ahead and try the EDIT.org editor and bring out the designer in you!

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