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Design simple backgrounds for text-images

Design simple backgrounds for text-images
Design simple backgrounds for text-images

Design simple backgrounds for text-images

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Years ago, Twitter was the platform that allowed users to write what they wanted to say, and in addition have it read. Today, your message will go unnoticed among the nearly 6,000 tweets per second. If you want your tweet to accumulate more attention, the best thing to do is to post it with a well-designed image. 

As you know, the image has become the most used communication element in recent years in all social networks. Proof of this is that currently, Instagram is the platform that most grows every year. Therefore, companies and, in general, the users of these networks have had to reinvent themselves to ensure that messages reach their audience.

One of the most common techniques is the use of images with text. But, it is not always easy to find the perfect design that is understood and attractive. The background is crucial for the final design to be correct.

With EDIT you can design your own backgrounds and add the text by yourself with spectacular results in just a few minutes. Although we have more than 1000 templates with predetermined designs that you can modify as you prefer, we want to show you some tricks that will allow you to create the most fashionable designs!

By unifying the color of the background will play down and contrast with the text you really want to highlight. In the editor, you will find different ways of doing it with different results and nuances. The two simplest to apply are:

  1. Add COLOR TINT filter
    This effect applies a global color in the photo without losing its own details. It gives a professional finish and can be very interesting if you like your background photo does not go completely unnoticed.
  2. Add a shape with transparency
    In this way, you can create a layer of color and measure the intensity in which you want it to act. It can occupy or not the whole image so that it allows you to highlight a text. The only drawback of this method is that you will have to send back the layer of the new figure that you just created so that the texts are on top. * Add apply gradients → article gradients



Using different forms to place your texts helps to capture the attention of the public so that the image is displaced in the background. It is a very effective way to highlight the message and that the words are read clearly. You can play putting the background of the shape of a color that is striking and is present in the background image to be combined. But always, make sure they are the same color.



The blur effect consists basically of the image being blurred, this allows it to be perceived but does not remove prominence to the text. The icons are especially good with this type of effect, also highlight the logo of your company. Applying it is as simple as going to the filters tab and clicking.

blur effect flowers banner

Apart from the effects that you can apply to the background, it is important that you choose well. Images with an "empty space" will be perfect to enter the text there. They serve to create an attractive and orderly design since everything takes its place.

images with empty space mode

Once you have clear where and how you will add your text it is important to find the right type. As it is not an easy task, in the editor you can find dozens of combinations of fonts that have been prepared by our expert designers to save you work. You can learn more in the specific article on this tool!


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