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Design simple backgrounds for text-images

Discover at EDIT.org how to design a background for your banner, poster, social media post, and other designs. Customize free templates online in minutes.

Edit a design

Create the best designs for your business in a few clicks on EDIT.org. In this post, discover how to create eye-catching and professional backgrounds and texts for your creations.

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Create images with original backgrounds for your business designs

Messages on social media, such as on Twitter, go unnoticed among the 6,000 tweets per second. Therefore, if you wish your post to attract more attention, the best thing is to complete it with an image with a good design.  

As you already know, images are the most used communicative element, so companies have had to reinvent and differentiate themselves to make sure messages reach their audience. It is not always easy to create original images with text that is understandable and attractive.

At EDIT.org, you can design your image backgrounds and add your text with spectacular results in just a few minutes. In this post, we want to show you some tricks to create incredible designs.


How to edit a free template for your designs with EDIT.org

  1. Click on an image in the article or enter the editor to get started.
  2. Select a design from the available ones
  3. Edit the template with the text and elements of your choice
  4. Save your changes online
  5. Download the final result to print or share on social media


Photo filters for images with text

Here are some editing options for your image backgrounds:


Unify the color of the background image and make it contrast with the text you want to highlight. On the editor, you will find different ways to do this with various results and nuances. The two easiest to apply are:



Using different boxes to place your text helps catch the audience's attention so that the image is not the most crucial part of the composition. It is a very effective way to highlight the message and make the text read clearly. You can use the same color as some of the elements of the image to match it visually.

text boxes with forms shoes



The blur effect consists of blurring the background, which allows the image to be perceived but does not detract from the text. Icons look especially good with this type of effect, and it also highlights the company's logo. Applying it is as simple as going to the filters tab and clicking. 

blur effect flowers banner


Apart from the effects applied, you can leave a white part. Images with a "black space" will be perfect for inserting text. They help create an attractive and orderly design as everything has its place.

images with empty space mode



Once you know where and how you will add your text, it is crucial to find the right typography. Find out how to add spectacular fonts to make your creations even better, how to make font combinations, or how to upload your fonts to the editor.

combination of texts yellow example

Start now to create a custom design for your company with EDIT.org's free templates.

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