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Improve your social media images by adding texts with design

Improve your social media images by adding texts with design

Every day it is more common to find in the social profiles images with a little text included. Whether inspirational quotes or simply informative, the truth is that all of us find it pleasant and useful to find ourselves before this type of pics since they make the reception of information faster and more effective than read all the post to know what is about it.

image with text

Who doesn’t love to be motivated on Mondays? The phrases with famous and motivational quotes have become a recurring marketing tool for many brands that seek to create an affective bond with their followers. Here we show you how to create your own images with texts without the need to download any programs and completely for free with EDIT.

This image editor has more than 1000 fully editable templates that will serve as a model when you start your designs. Once you have clear what you want to achieve, you’ll only have to enter in  edit.org and start creating.

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The first thing you have to do is select the type of publication you want to create. In this way, the canvas of your image will fit exactly to the measures suggested by each platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ...). Once you have it, it's time to look for an image for the background. We recommend you to  use the image search engine that you have available within the editor because we guarantee that all the images you’ll find be free of license and you can publish them on your networks.

You can use images of the author of the quote or use other backgrounds such as flat colors, landscapes ... you must keep in mind that for this  images it is very important to achieve a contrast between the background and the letters that we want to highlight.

Next you will only have to modify the initial text of the template or click on the add text button if you were not following any of the suggested designs.

how to add text to images

Choose the font you like the most from the tab on the top left. If you are not sure which one would be the best, check out the font combinations we have selected for you. Thus it is impossible to fail! You can choose between using the normal font, in bold, underlined, italic ... or all at once. It's up to you.
But, if you really want to give a differentiating touch to the design, go for the tab of colors. Here, you’ll find hundreds of color combinations that will help you find the perfect combination of colors according to your image. Another very interesting option is to add a gradient. Take a look at the articles how to add gradients to your texts and fonts combinations where we tell you in more detail how to get the full potential of these tools.

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You can also apply filters and effects to images within the same editor. Everything you think you'll need to design an image will be in EDIT. The best of all is that it is very easy and intuitive to learn how to use it and you can achieve professional results without having any design idea. So you have no more excuses to start designing your own content.
Following these simple steps you will be able to create spectacular images with a very careful design that will differentiate them from the rest that you can find on the net. And besides ... we have good news! It will take less time to have the image ready than the time it has taken you to read this article. Don’t wait any longer and start designing images easily and completely for free!

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