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Make a design with copyright-free images

Where to find copyright free images

Discover the best websites to find copyright-free images at EDIT.org so you can use them in your business designs. Also, find free editable templates for all your business needs.

Make a design with copyright-free images

One of the essential parts when creating a design will be the background image or inserted images. At EDIT.org, we show you the best websites to find royalty-free photos so you can create professional and quality results.

Free stock photos in the free graphic editor EDIT


Discover the best sites with free stock photos

If you are not going to use your images in a design, you will probably spend hours searching the Internet until you find one that suits your needs and is also copyright-free. If you didn't know, online photos are often subject to copyright, so you could get into trouble if you use one without the owner's permission.

At EDIT.org, we have prepared a selection of the best photo banks where you can find everything from photographs to copyright-free drawings and illustrations to make your company's designs. Searching directly on these pages will help you save time.

In addition, the editor itself has an integrated search engine to incorporate these free public domain images, along with various elements and icons, directly into your designs. We tell you how to do it!

best image bank free photos


Customize a design with public domain images at EDIT.org

  1. Select the design you want to edit for your company or project
  2. On the sidebar, click on Photos and look for an image you want to insert
  3. Once on the canvas, customize it as you wish: resize it, add effects, crop it, etc.
  4. Save the composition on the user profile if you want to make copies or modify the images later


Websites to find free copyright free images to download

Specifically, On the EDIT.org search engine, you can find millions of royalty-free images from various sites such as Unsplash or Pixabay, so you don't have to worry about the authorship of the photos you insert in your designs.

Start editing your templates with images now!

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Make a design with copyright-free images