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Make a design with copyright-free images

Where to find copyright free images

Are you looking for quality pictures without copyright for your designs? Read this article about the best photo repositories on the Internet.

Make a design with copyright-free images

Are you looking for high-quality pictures copyright-free for your designs? On EDIT.org we've prepared this article about the best photo repositories on the Internet for you to use in your creations.

Make professional designs for your business with copyright free images

One of the essential parts when creating a design is the background image. If you're not pictures images of our own, you'll spend hours and hours researching the Internet until finding an image that best suits your needs.

In case you don’t know, the pictures found on the Internet are usually subject to copyright, and you could get into legal trouble if you use any of them without the owner's permission. On EDIT.org, we've selected the best photographs, vectors, illustrations, etc. for our editor with a free license, so designing with this program can save you a lot of time.

The EDIT.org platform itself has an integrated search engine for which you'll have direct access to all these image banks, without having to leave the editor.

Best image databanks for your designs


    It's a bank of more than 300,000 photos distributed with the Creative Commons Zero (A0) license, which enables their use for any purpose, including commercial. It's also important to emphasize the quality and resolution of this page is one of the best, especially for landscapes. This image bank also allows subscribing and receiving a selection of 10 new pictures every ten days, as well as sharing everyone's photos so that other users can enjoy them.
  2. PEXELS.com

    Similarly, its photos are published under the A0 license too. There are more than 3,000 new images every month you can use for any purposes desired, both personal and commercial, and without attributing copyright to anyone. It's vital to notice the page asks you not to share or use photos with offensive content, such as people engaging in criminal activities or racist content. 

    It's perhaps the best known on the list. With more than 420,000 images free of copyright, it also has a wide variety of photos such as graphics or illustrations, apart from the regular photographs. This site has varied categories of pictures like sports, food, or education, all of them published with the Creative Commons CC0 public domain license. The images can be employed for public and private purposes without needing permission or attribution. However, you will have to pay attention since photos may be protected by trademarks, advertising, or privacy rights.

    This bank of free images offers you the best graphics, photographs, icons, and fully editable illustrations as if you had a vector graphics editing program such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. In this case, Freepik allows the use and modification of photos for personal projects, commercials, web pages, etc. but with the author's name. Then, the author credits must be inserted in the pictures on paper or in a code line on the website.


Although these are the 4 most important and recommended picture banks, we also cannot forget these useful image gallery websites:


    It's one of the most well-known and largest content sources in the world. On this platform, images have different type of copyright licenses, so you'll have to determine if they are suitable for commercial use or modifications.

    In this platform, all images are free of copyright as they're posted under the CC0 license. Therefore, they can be used for private and commercial uses without the permission of the author or without attributing the rights.

    This free stock photo platform has great aesthetics and quality. Again, images have been published under the Creative Commons Zero license, which will allow you to use them freely and without having to credit the author.

    Finally on this page, you can also find different types of pictures such as vectors, photographs, and illustrations divided into two types of categories: free photos without copyright, which can be utilized for personal or commercial use without the need to attribute authorship, and premium ones. In case you want to use them for editorial purposes, the author attribution is required. There are also restrictions when using the content as part of a brand.

Start creating your designs for your brand's commercial or marketing campaign with EDIT.org and benefit from our copyright-free repository of images. Get professional and competent results in a few clicks!

Make a design with copyright-free images
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Make a design with copyright-free images
Make a design with copyright-free images