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Create attractive designs for Facebook posts with EDIT.org free customizable templates. Increase your followers' engagement by designing the best images in just a moment.

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Make the most impressive Facebook posts designs with EDIT.org free editable templates, ready to personalize in a few clicks.

Did you know Facebook is the largest social network in the world? Since the volume of users sharing content is large, stand out from competitors by creating the best pieces of communication for your business.

One of the most effective ways to make your Facebook posts stand out is by using creative images for which you will receive positive feedback from your audience. Most of the time, these images determine whether the rest of the post will be of interest or not. No matter how great your article or content is if you cannot make your target audience click on it.

EDIT.org is an online image editor that helps pay attention to those small details that determine whether a post will be worthwhile or not. The editor enables automatically adapting the size of the design to the desired format, so you will always get a high-quality piece of communication.

Create now your images easily with all tools you need, and get a professional result without the obligation to invest time or money to hire a graphic designer. Also, modify your designs whenever you want since you can use the platform from any electronic device with Internet access. The editor also has an internal memory for each user, which allows editing your old designs when needed, as well as keeping the same design pattern in all templates.

The importance of using Facebook 

Facebook is the pioneer social network, with almost 2 billion users actively, a number that increases every year. It is the most used social network and the first one to take into account when doing an advertising campaign to publicize a brand since all potential consumers are here. Its main advantage is having close and direct contact with the audience, so it is possible to measure the interactions with followers instantly.

The content you use for the Facebook page should be consistent with the corporate image you want to offer. Therefore, it is crucial to create appealing content to catch the attention of your audience.

Design your Facebook posts in 5 simple steps

  1. Enter in EDIT.org and select the option Images for Facebook posts.
  2. Choose the design that best suits your idea or otherwise, make it from scratch.
  3. Change the background image and start editing. You can modify your template by adding different elements, filters, logo, or corporate colors.
  4. Download the final result.
  5. Share it on Facebook to raise your number of followers.

As mentioned, the editor adapts the size of the image to the format selected. Anyway, here are the official size recommendations for Facebook posts, just for you to bear in mind:

Elements on a Facebook post

It is vital to know these helpful elements to create a unique and differentiated post:

Thus, the ideal combination must be a concise text and a striking design, generating curiosity and engagement. All pieces of communication must convey your brand's personality and values, always maintaining a professional image.

Astonish your followers with the best content related to your business. Try out the editor now!

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