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Create your Facebook cover

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Get users' attention on your brand’s Facebook profile by designing a unique cover image. Find hundreds of free templates to customize in a minute at EDIT.org.

Create your Facebook cover

Make your Facebook profile unique thanks to an exclusive cover design. Find customizable templates on EDIT.org that you can edit in just a few clicks.

Online editor for Facebook cover designs


Custom templates for Facebook covers

First impressions are fundamental, so make sure to put a lot of thought and love into this design. If your cover photo is creative and ingenious, it will reflect the kind of person you are while making your profile more attractive.

Don’t worry if design isn't your greatest strength. With EDIT.org, you won’t need to know about design to create professional and unique covers. In the editor, you'll find thousands of templates for Facebook covers to customize or to serve as an inspiration to design your own.

You can save all of your designs in the internal user memory you'll have available once you register, which allows you to continue editing from anywhere, even from your smartphone. Having all your designs saved enables you to follow the same aesthetic design pattern to create a professional look.

On the editor you will also find editable templates to create your Facebook posts.

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Edit a professional Facebook header with EDIT.org

  1. Go to the editor or click on any of the templates in this article.
  2. Choose a template to get started.
  3. Modify it by uploading pictures, changing the background, adding more colors, etc.
  4. Save and download your composition.
  5. Show off the image on Facebook!


Facebook cover photo size

It's crucial to be aware of the image's measurements, as Facebook covers require specific dimensions. If you don’t want to have problems with the framing and the quality of the photo, then take into account the suggested measurements.

However, when designing with EDIT.org, you don't have to worry about the sizing, since the editor automatically adapts to the correct size for each format selected.

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The recommended measurements for Facebook covers, updated for the 2022 season, are:

facebook cover template book


Personalized Facebook cover photo templates

As mentioned, the Facebook cover is the first interaction a user will have with your profile. If it's a brand page, the cover should convey the brand's corporate values. With a simple glance, users should be able to understand what you're offering and how you do it.

It's vital to make sure your profile is cohesive and has a unique style, which should be the same throughout all your social media platforms. This strategy is known as branding, understood as the process of building a brand where customers can recognize your brand in different social media apps and places. 

EDIT.org can help promote your brand, since you can edit all your images by following the same template without wasting any time on the editing process.

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Get started with the editor and enhance your Facebook profile now!

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Create your Facebook cover
Create your Facebook cover