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Follow us on social media templates

Follow us on social media templates
Follow us on social media templates

Follow us on social media templates

Edit a follow us template

To get more followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, use these customizable "Follow us" templates from EDIT and make your business grow in a few clicks.

If your business consists of physical spaces open to the public, reaching new followers has never been easier. Place Follow us on social media placards at strategic points in your stores, and you will see how having more followers affects your revenues. It is a great way to link the physical world (also called offline) with the online world. Your potential buyers and regular customers are interested in being informed of possible promotions, new services, or new products launched through your Instagram, for instance.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in generating an online audience, you can create banners or designs for your website that reinforce your call to action. For instance, you can place a small ad on your webpage, just above the social media links, for all your profiles to follow. Another strategy is to link some profiles with others, making your users go from one platform to another one, such as sending them from Pinterest to Facebook or vice versa.

EDIT templates will help you attract attention without having to verbally say Follow us on our social networks since you can edit and print them, or you can include them in your emails or weekly newsletters. They will help increase followers so that your posts have more impact. Any design is simpler to edit than Word and much more manageable to use than Photoshop as it is very intuitive, and it is possible to use it without previous knowledge in graphic design. In a few minutes, you will have your placards ready to share.

Here there are some tips on how to use these templates:

Achieve your goals with these designs. Edit them with your logo, the colors of your brand, and modify or incorporate the icons you want. In EDIT, you can use thousands of resources without copyright available in the editor (images, clipart, unique fonts, etc.).

Use these designs to obtain more followers on social media, increase the impact of your posts, and convert these new users into sales. Start using EDIT now!

Edit a follow us template
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