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Templates of menus with allergens online editor

Find in EDIT.org the best customizable templates of menus with allergens for restaurants and warn customers about your meal's ingredients.

Edit allergens menu

Find in EDIT.org the best customizable templates of menus with allergens for restaurants and warn customers about your meal's ingredients.

Create a personalized menu with allergens for your restaurant

Globally, over 250 million people suffer from food allergies, according to this journal article. Showcasing allergen information is crucial to protect customers and your restaurant's reputation. Relying on verbal communication of allergen information is dangerous.

Once your customers have allergic reactions after eating, but without a clear statement on the menu, your restaurant may face legal action and lose the reputation. Therefore, restaurants have to identify the allergic items in the restaurant menus in written or symbols.

How to make a free online allergen menu with EDIT.org

There are a lot of ways of providing allergic food information on the menu. Many restaurants choose to incorporate the allergen statement at the bottom part of the menu, for example, "Allergy statement: This may contain or come into contact with EGGS, MILK, and WHEAT." But this seems boring and not catchy enough to alert the presence of allergen ingredients to your customers. 

EDIT.org provides a solution not to write a tedious and large statement. Only choose the allergen food icons to indicate which dishes are gluten-free, dairy-free, seafood-free, etc. For instance, you can select the "peanut" icon from "Elements" and place it beside the name of your dish, and then change to any color that suits the style of your restaurant. You can also customize the background, the font style, colors inside the templates, and add the most vital thing: your restaurant logo.

We know it is time-consuming to do all the written and decoration details in some professional programs such as Adobe Photoshop, which requires time to learn it and costs you a lot. Then, EDIT.org helps you solve it through "click and drag" in a cost-effective way! 

  1. Open EDIT.org and click "Restaurants" under the main categories.
  2. Select your favorite designs from our free menu templates.
  3. Upload your restaurant dishes’ photos.
  4. Add the “Allergens” food icons next to the dishes under the "Elements".
  5. EDIT.org offers you a large variety of food icons, including "peanut", "fish", "milk", etc. 
  6. Decorate your menu by adding filters, fine-tuning your images and text. 

Tips to get an ideal allergen menu

  1. Follow the human scan patterns: as people read the words from left to right or from top to bottom, remember to place the allergen food icon on the right side of dishes' name or underneath it.  
  2. Clearly divide the menu section: to make your customers easier to comprehend the menu, it is crucial to state the divisions clearly, such as appetizers, soup, main-dish, dessert and drinks. Also, don't forget to include the allergen icons on your menu!
  3. Make a allergy-free, gluten-free food section if needed: people who have serious allergy to many kinds of food may want to look for the meals totally allergy-free. It is convenient for them to read the menu at one section or or one page only without reading every lines.
  4. Share your allergen menus to social media to attract more customers: do you want some ideas for posting? You can add some hashtags #AllergenMenu #FoodAllergy #Gluten-free #EditWithEditorg in your post because the customers can find your restaurants easier. With the new menu, you can also benefit from gaining trust and increase customer loyalty, as well as increase your revenues.

Don't want to forget the above guidelines? Bookmark this page and start designing allergen menu with EDIT.org today

Edit allergens menu
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Edit allergens menu
Edit allergens menu